The Town That Caught Tourette's

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The Town That Caught Tourette's

In October 2011 in the tiny town of Le Roy, New York, a handful of teenage girls from the same high school suddenly developed symptoms that looked like Tourette's syndrome: facial twitching, violent limb gestures and uncontrollable verbal outbursts.

Some doctors believed they were victims of conversion disorder, where real physical symptoms - in this case tics - are triggered not by a physical cause, but by psychological trauma. But within a few months 18 students were sick and the diagnosis became 'mass hysteria'.

As a cry for help, the girls went on national TV and their story caused a global media frenzy.

This remarkable documentary meets the people at the heart of this outbreak, including the girls who have recovered, as well as those who are still suffering.

The Town That Caught Tourette's synopsis

The story of how a group of teenage girls in a small American town suddenly developed what appeared to be Tourette's syndrome

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