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US sci-fi drama, based on the original UK TV series of the same name, about the next evolutionary leap of mankind, a generation of humans born with paranormal abilities

About the Show

US sci-fi drama, based on the original UK TV series of the same name, about the next evolutionary leap of mankind, a generation of humans born with paranormal abilities

Series 1 Summary

As the first series of the US sci-fi drama begins, a troubled teenager is about to encounter the Tomorrow People, a genetically advanced generation of humans born with remarkable abilities.

  • The Tomorrow People: Stephen, Russell, John and Cara

    Episode 1 - Pilot

    Teenager Stephen Jameson has been hearing voices and teleporting in his sleep, never knowing where he might wake up. Now his mother is worried about his strange behaviour, most of his school friends have abandoned him, and he is beginning to question his own sanity.

    In desperation, Stephen decides to listen to one of the voices in his head, and it leads him to his first encounter with the Tomorrow People - John, Cara and Russell - members of a genetically advanced race who are capable of telekinesis, teleportation and telepathic communication.

    Stephen learns from his new friends that the Tomorrow People are being hunted down by a paramilitary group of scientists known as Ultra, led by Dr Jedikiah Price.

    Tempted by the idea of joining the Tomorrow People, but unwilling to turn his back on his family, Stephen sets out on his own path in an attempt to uncover the truth about the mysterious disappearance of his father years earlier.

  • The Tomorrow People: John, Russell, Stephen and Cara

    Episode 2 - In Too Deep

    Ultra tries to probe Stephen's brain, but when he looks to his fellow Tomorrow People for help he is rebuffed by an angry John, so Cara has to help him behind John's back.

    Ultra deduces the identity of a new break-out who has been using his powers to commit crimes. Stephen tracks him down, but is shocked when an Ultra SWAT team is called in.

    At a loss for what his next move should be, Stephen calls on John, Cara and Russell for help, putting them at risk of getting caught.

  • The Tomorrow People: Cara

    Episode 3 - Girl, Interrupted

    Astrid tries to revive Stephen's social life by taking him to a party, but while there he discovers that Emily, one of his classmates, is in a vulnerable state.

    Desperate to assist her, he turns to Cara, but she is adamant that the Tomorrow People don't help humans. Can Cara overcome her negative feelings about her traumatic past to intervene?

    Meanwhile, in an effort to gain an advantage in finding new break-outs, John asks Stephen to hack into Ultra's main computer.

  • The Tomorrow People: Stephen and Darcy

    Episode 4 - Kill or Be Killed

    The man at the top of Ultra's most wanted list, a ruthless killer named Killian McCrane, resurfaces after years in hiding. Stephen asks for John's help to track him down, but John is initially reluctant to get involved.

    As a flood of memories from John's past resurfaces, Cara explains that John's complex history with Killian and Jedikiah is putting him in a position of terrible personal conflict.

    Meanwhile, Stephen's mother grows suspicious about where he is spending his time after school.

  • The Tomorrow People: Russell and Cara

    Episode 5 - All Tomorrow's Parties

    When Stephen breaks Ultra protocol during a training exercise, Jedikiah's mysterious boss insists on meeting him.

    The Tomorrow People are desperate to go to a nightclub party, but John and Cara argue about whether it's too dangerous.

    Stephen arranges to go to Homecoming with Astrid, but when he lets her down, she decides to find out what he's really up to.

  • The Tomorrow People: Cara and Stephen

    Episode 6 - Sorry for Your Loss

    Stephen and Russell encounter Piper, a potential new break-out, during a night out in a pool hall. Meanwhile, the distance between John and Cara is growing as they fail to communicate.

    Russell is upset to hear that his father - with whom he had a fractured relationship - has died. Torn about whether to attend the funeral, he decides to go home and John volunteers to accompany him.

  • The Tomorrow People: Stephen and John

    Episode 7 - Limbo

    When Stephen decides to have some fun with his new-found powers, he angers Jedikiah, who takes extreme measures to make sure that it doesn't happen again.

    John senses a strange tension between himself and Cara. Stephen gets in over his head when he tries to handle a new and dangerous breakout on his own, but he has a moment of clarity when it comes to his father.

  • The Tomorrow People: Stephen and Ultra agents

    Episode 8 - Thanatos

    Determined to uncover what he hopes is the key to finding his father, Stephen plots to get inside Jedikiah's head.

    But the plan goes wrong when Russell accidentally brings an uninvited visitor back to the subway tunnel base, potentially exposing the whole group to the risk of capture.

  • The Tomorrow People: John, Russell, Stephen and Cara

    Episode 9 - Death's Door

    John finds himself in a dangerous situation, but Stephen can't help him without revealing himself to Ultra. Cara and Russell negotiate a trade with Jedikiah that leads him to take a huge risk.

    Unsatisfied with what he has discovered about his father's disappearance, Stephen takes drastic measures to find out the truth, with the help of his fellow Tomorrow People.

  • The Tomorrow People: Stephen and Errol

    Episode 10 - The Citadel

    Stephen thinks he has a clue about what happened to his father, but his fellow Tomorrow People aren't sure what to believe.

    John reveals shocking news to the group that leads them to make an unexpected decision about their future.

    The Tomorrow People finally get a lead on Ultra's secret research lab and devise a dangerous plan to free all those being held captive there.

  • The Tomorrow People: Cara

    Episode 11 - Rumble

    Jedikiah tests Stephen and his fellow Ultra trainees to see who is worthy of becoming an Ultra agent, but not everyone is happy to work as a team.

    Cara faces a mysterious visitor from her past, Russell is sent on a dangerous reconnaissance mission that could force a clash between different groups of Tomorrow People, and John works with a frightened new break-out.

  • The Tomorrow People: John and Astrid

    Episode 12 - Sitting Ducks

    Stephen is disturbed when fellow trainee Hillary makes veiled threats about Astrid, so John agrees to keep an eye on Astrid while Stephen is out of town on a camping trip with his mother, brother and Peter, his mum's new boyfriend.

    Stephen suspects there is more to Peter than meets the eye, while John pays a high price for protecting Astrid.

  • The Tomorrow People: Stephen and the Founder

    Episode 13 - Things Fall Apart

    Upset with Jedikiah for breaking his word and leaving him to face The Founder, Stephen makes a dangerous deal to bring in a powerful new break-out in order to protect Astrid.

    John disobeys Cara's instructions, forcing her to issue a harsh and unexpected punishment. Stephen learns surprising secrets about both his brother and his mother.

  • The Tomorrow People: Stephen and Russell

    Episode 14 - Brother's Keeper

    After receiving some shocking news, Stephen attempts to restore order in both his worlds by making a deal with Jedikiah, who's close to developing a secret new technology that could change his future.

    Cara and Russell face danger from an Ultra trap when they do their best to track down a new break-out.

  • The Tomorrow People: Julian and Cara

    Episode 15 - Enemy of My Enemy

    Julian Masters is back and angrier than ever, but when he gets caught by Ultra he is forced to strike a dangerous bargain.

    When John realises that Julian has found the Tomorrow People's base he disobeys Cara's orders again. Astrid is plagued by nightmares after her near-death experience.

  • The Tomorrow People: Hillary and Stephen

    Episode 16 - Superhero

    When the Tomorrow People and Ultra learn that there's a new breakout doing good deeds to help humans, they both want her on their side.

    Hillary continues to be suspicious about Stephen's loyalties. Morgan takes a risk and betrays Jedikiah's trust to help the Tomorrow People.

  • The Tomorrow People: The Founder, Jedikiah and Roger

    Episode 17 - Endgame

    Stephen stumbles upon a clue that the Tomorrow People have been desperately searching for. John and Russell learn about the dangerous plan that Jedikiah has in the works.

    Cara gets a lead on a new breakout but is shocked to discover that it's someone important from her past.

  • The Tomorrow People: Jedikiah and Stephen

    Episode 18 - Smoke and Mirrors

    Disillusioned by Jedikiah's lies about his father, Stephen decides to bring in a breakout to Ultra to see if things have really changed for the better, much to the dismay of Cara, who is deeply suspicious of the Founder.

    Luca is forced to hear the truth about Stephen's powers.

  • The Tomorrow People: The Founder and Stephen

    Episode 19 - Modus Vivendi

    With a potential truce between the Tomorrow People and Ultra in prospect, Jedikiah is on the run and desperate to keep Ultra from discovering his secret.

    Cara sends Russell to meet with the Founder, while Stephen tries to contact his father again, with help from Hillary.

  • The Tomorrow People: Stephen

    Episode 20 - A Sort of Homecoming

    Everyone is concerned about the consequences of Roger's possible return, while Stephen needs John and Cara's help to destroy the machine that the Founder has been using to train him.

    Many of the Tomorrow People begin to lose hope that they will ever find the Refuge and choose to head out on their own.

  • The Tomorrow People: Roger and Marla

    Episode 21 - Kill Switch

    When the Tomorrow People learn the truth about the serum they were injected with, Stephen and Cara attempt to buy time for Jedikiah while he tries to create an antidote.

    Natalie persuades Russell and the rogue Tomorrow People to make a rash decision. John turns to Astrid for advice while figuring out his new role.

  • The Tomorrow People: Cara

    Episode 22 - Son of Man

    Stephen understands that he must be the one to destroy the Founder's machine and prevent the extermination of humanity, but he fears he may be too late.

    Russell does his best to make up for past mistakes by stepping in to help Cara and suggesting a plan of action, while Jedikiah has a surprising and intriguing proposition for John.

The Tomorrow People synopsis

US sci-fi drama, based on the original UK TV series of the same name, about the next evolutionary leap of mankind, a generation of humans born with paranormal abilities

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