The Taste

The mentors sample the cooking of 25 hopefuls - ranging from talented amateurs to professionals from some of Britain's best restaurants

First shown: 7 Jan 2014 Strong language This programme is subtitled

Nigella's Team

  • Claire

    Inspired by Portuguese and Indian flavours

  • Kalpna

    Cooks rustic Indian food with big flavours

  • Kelly

    Cooks unpretentious, seasonal local food

  • Raj

    Cooks British dishes with an Asian twist

Anthony's Team

  • Barry

    Prepares eclectic, generous food

  • Dixie

    Prepares rustic, wholesome soul food

  • Guan

    Food blogger specialising in Malaysian cooking

  • Justin

    A modern international style with a classic twist

Ludo's Team

  • Chloe

    Makes 'delicious food that is perfectly done'

  • Debbie

    Cooks food full of fresh, clean flavours

  • James

    Has an experimental edge to his cooking

  • Kirsty

    Cooks Modern British food with a twist