Episode Guide

The Social Network

Directed by David Fincher (Fight Club, Panic Room), The Social Network was inspired by Ben Mezrich's book the Accidental Billionaires and written by Aaron Sorkin, the sharp wordsmith of television's The West Wing.

'You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies' stated the movie's poster, and so it's appropriate that this gripping drama kicks off with neurotic Harvard computer science student Mark Zuckerberg (Eisenberg) drunkenly creating a misogynistic website called Facemash in revenge for being dumped by his girlfriend Erica (Rooney Mara).

Once the hangover has worn off, Zuckerberg realises he may have the germ of a nifty idea, as long as he shifts the focus from settling scores to social interaction.

Events unfold partly through chronological flashback and partly via later courtroom testimony, as the tale of friendships and business partnerships made and broken is told from the viewpoints of those involved.

Sorkin's smart, humorous script propels the film with a kinetic energy throughout. And he and Fincher won Oscars, BAFTAs and a host of other awards for their movie.

Also starring Andrew Garfield, Armie Hammer and Justin Timberlake.

(2010) Cert: 12