The Simpsons

    • Episode 1 - The City of New York vs Homer Simpson

      Barney borrows Homer's car and vanishes on a drunken binge. Weeks later, Homer gets a letter from New York to say the vehicle is illegally parked.

    • Episode 2 - The Principal and the Pauper

      The real Seymour Skinner - Martin Sheen - returns to Springfield, revealing that Principal Skinner - whose real name is Armin Tamzarian - is an impostor

    • Episode 3 - Lisa's Sax

      The family recall the story of when Lisa got her saxophone. It all started when Bart was having trouble at school and had to see the school psychologist...

    • Episode 4 - Treehouse of Horror VIII

      Quimby insults the French government, which launches a neutron bomb in retaliation at Springfield. Homer escapes the blast and begins enjoying himself.

    • Episode 5 - The Cartridge Family

      After witnessing a riot, Homer decides to buy a gun, but after taking possession of the weapon he starts to use it in a shockingly irresponsible way

    • Episode 6 - Bart Star

      Homer takes over from Ned as the manager of Bart's American football team after forcing him to quit. Guest starring Mike Judge as Hank Hill.

    • Episode 7 - The Two Mrs Nahasapeemapetilons

      Marge agrees to pretend to be Apu's wife when his mother visits to set up his arranged marriage, and Homer moves into the Retirement Castle

    • Episode 8 - Lisa the Sceptic

      During a school archaeological dig, Lisa finds the skeleton of an angel on the site where a new shopping mall is to be built

    • Episode 9 - Realty Bites

      Marge takes a job with Lionel Hutz's Red Blazer Realty, an estate agency, but begins to question her morals when she has to sell properties that aren't quite up to scratch

    • Episode 10 - Miracle on Evergreen Terrace

      When Bart destroys the family's Christmas tree and presents, his lies about a burglar stealing them spiral out of control...

    • Episode 11 - All Singing, All Dancing

      The Simpsons remember all the great songs from their eventful lives after renting the movie Paint Your Wagon. With the guest voice of George Harrison.

    • Episode 12 - Bart Carny

      Homer and Bart get jobs working at the fair, but because of Homer's stupidity, a fair worker and his son lose their jobs. So they steal the Simpsons' house.

    • Episode 13 - The Joy of Sect

      The family joins a cult that brainwashes its disciples into believing they will be taken to the planet Blisstonia, but Marge manages to escape and stage a rescue

    • Episode 14 - Das Bus

      Bart, Lisa and their classmates fight for survival when they become stranded on a remote island after Otto crashes the school bus off a bridge and into the sea

    • Episode 15 - The Last Temptation of Krust

      When Krusty shuns his old routines in favour of edgier material, he suddenly becomes the hottest comic in showbusiness

    • Episode 16 - Dumbbell Indemnity

      Moe lets Homer take him to a singles' bar, where he gets ignored. But on the way home, they meet Rene - guest star Helen Hunt - who starts dating Moe.

    • Episode 17 - Lisa the Simpson

      Lisa begins to suspect that she's not as clever as she used to be - she worries that she's going to end up like Homer

    • Episode 18 - This Little Wiggy

      When Marge meets Ralph Wiggum, she decides to invite him over for a play-date with Bart

    • Episode 19 - Simpson Tide

      Homer, Barney and Moe find themselves trapped in a nuclear submarine in a combat situation. Then Homer accidentally ejects the captain - guest star Rod Steiger.

    • Episode 20 - The Trouble with Trillions

      Homer and Mr Burns go on the run to Cuba with a trillion-dollar note that Mr Burns was meant to deliver to post-war Europe

    • Episode 21 - The Girly Edition

      Lisa is made anchor of a new childrens' news programme, but it is Bart's charisma that gets noticed and the two start a battle - both on and off-air

    • Episode 22 - Trash of the Titans

      After insulting the bin men, Homer finds his rubbish not being collected and challenges the current Sanitation Commissioner to an election.

    • Episode 23 - King of the Hill

      As part of an advertising campaign for a new apple-flavoured breakfast bar, Homer agrees to climb the Murderhorn, Springfield's tallest mountain

    • Episode 24 - Lost Our Lisa

      Lisa wants to go to the last day of an Egyptian exhibition, but her plans are ruined when Bart needs hospital treatment after gluing novelty items to his face

    • Episode 25 - Natural Born Kissers

      Homer and Marge spice up their love life by snuggling in public places, including a barn and the crazy golf course