The Simpsons

    • Episode 1 - Who Shot Mr Burns? (Part Two)

      Mr Burns' mystery attacker is finally revealed. There's a shock confession, and Homer has a clear motive: but could the truth be even more bizarre?

    • Episode 2 - Radioactive Man

      Bart auditions to play Fallout Boy when Springfield is chosen as the location for Rainier Wolfcastle's big-screen adaptation of Radioactive Man

    • Episode 3 - Home Sweet Home-Dum-Diddly Doodly

      Homer and Marge are sent to Bad Parent School when Bart catches head lice and Lisa loses her shoes...

    • Episode 4 - Bart Sells His Soul

      Bart sells his soul to Milhouse, who swaps it for some ALF pogs. Meanwhile, Moe re-launches the Tavern as Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag.

    • Episode 5 - Lisa the Vegetarian

      Lisa turns vegetarian after petting a lamb, but can't find anyone in Springfield who shares her sensibilities, except for Apu and his friends Paul and Linda McCartney

    • Episode 6 - Treehouse of Horror VI

      Homer is sucked into a 3D digital dimension, and ends up trapped in the real, non-animated world

    • Episode 7 - King-Size Homer

      Homer tries to put on enough weight to be classified as disabled so that he can work from home

    • Episode 8 - Mother Simpson

      Homer's long-lost mother (guest star Glenn Close) turns up on the run from the police

    • Episode 9 - Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming

      Sideshow Bob escapes from prison - again - and threatens to blow up the Springfield air show

    • Episode 10 - The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular

      Troy McClure hosts a celebration of the milestone that is the 138th episode of The Simpsons

    • Episode 11 - Marge Be Not Proud

      Bart gets on the wrong side of a scary security guard - and Marge - when he steals the latest computer game from the Try-N-Save

    • Episode 12 - Team Homer

      Homer forms a bowling team - the Pin Pals - with Moe, Apu and Otto; but one of them has to go when Mr Burns muscles in on the team

    • Episode 13 - Two Bad Neighbours

      George Bush Sr moves into Evergreen Terrace, but Bart destroys his memoirs, sparking a feud between the ex-president and his new neighbour Homer

    • Episode 14 - Scenes from a Class Struggle in Springfield

      The family are invited to join an exclusive country club, but while Homer, Bart and Lisa make themselves at home, Marge has trouble adjusting

    • Episode 15 - Bart the Fink

      Bart gets Krusty the Clown busted for tax evasion, then Krusty disappears in a mysterious plane crash

    • Episode 16 - Lisa the Iconoclast

      Lisa finds out that Springfield's founder was a murderous pirate who tried to assassinate George Washington, and decides her fellow citizens should know the truth

    • Episode 17 - Homer the Smithers

      Worried that Mr Burns may decide to replace him permanently when he takes a well-earned break, Smithers chooses the plant's worst employee to fill in for him

    • Episode 18 - The Day the Violence Died

      Bart and Lisa help a homeless man (guest star Kirk Douglas), who claims he invented Itchy & Scratchy, to sue the programme makers

    • Episode 19 - A Fish Called Selma

      Actor Troy McClure is in desperate need of some good publicity following his implication in a sordid sea-life scandal. So he arranges a sham wedding with Selma.

    • Episode 20 - Bart on the Road

      With Bart's fake driving licence and $600 Martin made on the stock market, the boys set off with Milhouse and Nelson on a road trip to the World's Fair in Knoxville

    • Episode 21 - 22 Short Films About Springfield

      A Pulp Fiction-style trip through the everyday life of Springfield reveals what really goes on in this apparently normal town

    • Episode 22 - Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson...

      Monty Burns wants Grandpa Simpson out of the way so he can get his hands on some valuable art

    • Episode 23 - Much Apu About Nothing

      Homer helps Apu study for a naturalisation exam to prove he's American enough to stay in the country

    • Episode 24 - Homerpalooza

      Homer goes on the road with alternative rock festival Hullabalooza in a sideshow where he has cannonballs fired into his belly

    • Episode 25 - Summer of 4'2"

      Lisa uses the holiday as a chance to change her image, and gets in with a cool crowd (guest star Christina Ricci). But Bart is not pleased that his sister is so popular.