The Simpsons

    • Episode 1 - He Loves to Fly and He D'ohs

      Mr Burns rewards the hero with dinner and a flight on his corporate jet after Homer saves him from drowning.

    • Episode 2 - Homer of Seville

      Homer develops an ability to sing in an operatic voice after having a freak accident. So, naturally, Mr Burns hires him to sing the leading role in his production of La Bohème.

    • Episode 3 - Midnight Towboy

      Marge worries that Maggie is getting too clingy and enlists the help of a counsellor. The method works too well, leaving Maggie with no need for Marge at all.

    • Episode 4 - I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

      Marge befriends a criminal who holds up a bank while she's waiting in the queue.

    • Episode 5 - Treehouse of Horror XVIII

      Bart helps Kodos get devices to contact his home planet, Homer lives a double life as a government assassin, and Ned Flanders turns the church into a Hell house.

    • Episode 6 - Little Orphan Millie

      When Milhouse's parents remarry and go on a honeymoon cruise, their boat capsizes and they are presumed dead, so Milhouse acquires a new, macho attitude to life.

    • Episode 7 - Husbands and Knives

      When a friendly man opens a new comic shop, Comic Book Guy competes for his customers. In haste, he sells the Android's Dungeon to Marge, who opens up a women-only gym.

    • Episode 8 - Funeral for a Fiend

      Sideshow Bob attempts to murder the Simpsons. Bob is captured by the police and put on trial, where Bart inadvertently kills him.

    • Episode 9 - Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind

      Homer wakes up with no memory of the night before. When he discovers that his family is missing, he panics that he's done something awful to them.

    • Episode 10 - E Pluribus Wiggum

      Ralph Wiggum finds himself elected in Springfield and sets about bringing peace to the town.

    • Episode 11 - That 90s Show

      Homer reminisces about how he gave up his dreams of being a musician so that Marge could go to Springfield University.

    • Episode 12 - Love, Springfieldian Style

      On Valentine's Day, the Simpson family gets stuck in a tunnel. To pass time, Homer begins to tell a romantic tale about Bonnie and Clyde.

    • Episode 13 - The Debarted

      Bart finds a new pranking partner in fellow pupil Donny. However, Bart's tricks soon backfire on him, leaving him unsure who to trust.

    • Episode 14 - Dial 'N' for Nerder

      When Homer goes on a diet, Marge hires the creator of a reality programme that specialises in catching out cheating couples to keep an eye on him.

    • Episode 15 - He Loves to Fly and He D'ohs

      Mr Burns rewards the hero with dinner and a flight on his corporate jet after Homer saves him from drowning.

    • Episode 16 - Papa Don't Leech

      The Simpsons take in Springfield's biggest tax evader, Lurleen Lumpkin, who's on the run from the police.

    • Episode 17 - Apocalypse Cow

      Bart and Lisa save a cow from the slaughterhouse, giving it to Mary, a farm girl. Unfortunately, her father thinks the cow is a token of marriage...

    • Episode 18 - Any Given Sundance

      The Simpsons are embarrassed when Lisa's candid home movie about the family gets entered into the Sundance Film Festival.

    • Episode 19 - Mona Leaves-a

      Homer's mum, Mona, visits the Simpsons and tells Homer that her days of activism are over. When she suddenly dies, Homer regrets not having told her his true feelings.

    • Episode 20 - All About Lisa

      Sideshow Bob tells the story of how Lisa rose to become Krusty the Clown's latest replacement. Homer and Bart go in search of a rare coin.