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Homer. Marge. Bart. Lisa. Maggie. They're unique, they're extraordinary, and they're yellow. Say hello to the Simpsons.

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Homer. Marge. Bart. Lisa. Maggie. They're unique, they're extraordinary, and they're yellow. Say hello to the Simpsons.

Series 17 Summary

Lisa is scared of the new next-door neighbours and struggles to conquer her fears, Homer gets in trouble with the mob, Marge meets a handsome marine biologist, Bart bonds with his mother and takes an ill-advised leap from a roof into a swimming pool and Maggie comes down with chicken pox.

  • Selma Bouvier

    Episode 1 - Bonfire of the Manatees

    Homer gets into trouble with the local mob over his gambling debts. To compensate them, he allows the mob to film an adult movie in his home - but keeps Marge in the dark about his plans.

    When Marge finds out, she goes ballistic, leaving Homer to look after the children while she goes on a trek to the beach. While by the sea, she meets Caleb Thorn (voiced by Alec Baldwin), a handsome marine biologist who has dedicated his life to saving manatees.

    Will Marge be wooed by Caleb? And can Homer win Marge back?

    "Hello, Marge? Does the pizza guy take a check? If so, where do we keep the checks? And lastly, how do you write a check?" -Homer

  • Selma Bouvier

    Episode 2 - The Girl Who Slept Too Little

    The family successfully petitions against plans to build a stamp museum next to their house but in a compromise with the council, end up with the cemetery being moved next door.

    Perturbed by her new next door neighbours, Lisa starts having nightmares and has to sleep in Marge and Homer's room.

    Marge and Homer enlist the help of a psychologist to help unlock Lisa's fear. Can Lisa conquer her phobia of the cemetery?

    "I don't know how I reproduce yet, but we'll have fun figuring out how." -Milhouse

  • Selma Bouvier

    Episode 3 - Milhouse of Sand and Fog

    Maggie catches chicken pox. Homer tries to capitalise on Maggie's illness by throwing a 'pox party' and charging parents to infect their children. Instead, Homer catches it.

    Elsewhere, Millhouse's parents reunite but Millhouse is annoyed because he receives less attention from them.

    "I feel like a chicken already. I just made an egg in my pants!" -Ralph Wiggum

  • Selma Bouvier

    Episode 4 - Treehouse of Horror XVI

    The 16th Treehouse of Horror episode, which includes three mini stories, starts with B.I.: Bartificial Intelligence in which Bart makes an ill-advised jump from a roof into Selma and Patty's swimming pool and ends up in a coma.

    As a result, the family buy a robot version of Bart who is better behaved than his real life counterpart. Will they want the real Bart back?

    In Survival of the Fattest, Homer takes part in a reality TV survival show where Mr Burns is hellbent on killing the contestants, and Lisa turns into Albert Einstein in I've Grown a Costume on Your Face.

    "Smooth move, space-lax!" -Kang

  • Selma Bouvier

    Episode 5 - Marge's Son Poisoning

    Marge buys a tandem bicycle and she and Bart go out together on it. Bart bonds with his mother but soon puts a halt to his mother-son time when the school bullies tease him for being a mummy's boy.

    And Homer takes up a new hobby; arm wrestling.

    "Gimme a bottle of bourbon. I got a new liver and I'm breaking it in." -The Rich Texan

  • Selma Bouvier

    Episode 6 - See Homer Run

    Homer is chuffed with Bart's Father's Day gift of a multi-function knife but less so with Lisa's homemade book. Lisa's frustrations about her relationship with her dad get her into trouble at school.

    In an effort to make it up to Lisa, Homer takes up a job as a mascot warning children about dangerous power lines. Elsewhere the residents of Springfield try to bump Mayor Quimby out of office.

    "I'm outta here, I've got Hebrew school." -Dolph

  • Selma Bouvier

    Episode 7 - The Last of the Red Hat Mamas

    Marge joins a women's group after Homer humiliates her at an Easter party and her old friends shun her.

    Are her new friends all they appear to be? Elsewhere, Lisa finds an unlikely Italian tutor in Milhouse.

    "Remind me, Smithers, while we're out I need to get my eyes re-balled and my brain flushed out with vinegar." -Mr. Burns

  • Selma Bouvier

    Episode 8 - The Italian Bob

    The Simpsons are sent to Italy to get Mr Burns a new sports car after he is teased by some children about his old banger. While in Italy, the family get stranded in a village where Sideshow Bob reigns as mayor.

    "Yeah, I never went to college."

  • Selma Bouvier

    Episode 9 - Simpson Christmas Stories

    Homer gives his version of Jesus's birth in The First (Annoyed Grunt)-El when Reverend Lovejoy's car breaks down en route to Christmas mass.

    Meanwhile, Grampa tells a Yuletide war story in I Saw Grampa Cussing Santa Claus and the residents of Springfield prepare for Christmas in The Nutcracker... Sweet.

    "A pregnant virgin? Ohh! That every man's worse nightmare!" -Homer (as Joseph)

  • Selma Bouvier

    Episode 10 - Homer's Paternity Coot

    The Simpsons receive a long lost letter which suggests that Homer's biological father isn't Abe but Mason Fairbanks (guest star Michael York), a British treasure hunter.

    Homer bonds with Mason, leaving the rest of the Simpsons awkwardly trying to maintain a relationship with Abe. But is Abe holding another secret about Homer's biological dad?

    "Oh poop in your fist!" -Grampa

  • Selma Bouvier

    Episode 11 - We're on the Road to D'oh-where

    Milhouse and Bart accidentally start an explosion which destroys Principal Skinner's new car.

    Homer is miffed when he is forced to miss a Moe's Tavern sponsored trip to Las Vegas and drive his son to a juvenile delinquent camp.

    Meanwhile, Marge lands herself in hot water when she sells old prescriptions at a car boot sale.

    "I'm one Snickers pie away from losing my foot to diabetes. Mmmmm, Snickers pie." -Homer

  • Selma Bouvier

    Episode 12 - My Fair Laddy

    Lisa tries to transform Groundskeeper Willie into a gentleman after his shack collapses and he's forced to move in with The Simpsons.

    Meanwhile, Homer tries to save the company that makes his famous blue trousers.

    "My grandfather used to get sent down into the mines to make sure it was safe for the canaries." -Groundskeeper Willie

  • Selma Bouvier

    Episode 13 - The Seemingly Never-Ending Story

    Homer and Lisa are trapped in a cave.

    Lisa passes the time by telling Homer about a day she spent with Mr Burns after she was chased into his mansion by a mountain goat.

    "At this point, all I want is a healthy libido." - Ms. Krabappel

  • Selma Bouvier

    Episode 14 - Bart Has Two Mommies

    Marge babysits Rod and Todd but Ned questions Marge's parenting skills after she lets the boys play on a rock climbing wall.

    Meanwhile, Bart gets pulled into a chimp cage at the zoo where he receives better treatment from a lonely ape than from his own family.

    Can the Simpson and Flanders families join forces to rescue Bart?

    "Well, maybe I can take your mind off of things. We can study for the S.A.T.'s; Snuggles and Tickles!" - Marge

  • Selma Bouvier

    Episode 15 - Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife

    Against Marge's advice Homer signs the family up for a Wife Swap style show and is forced to take in a controlling wife, Verity, while Marge moves in with her easygoing husband, Charlie (voiced by Ricky Gervais) and his perfect son.

    Charlie develops a crush on Marge.

    "Y'know, you don't seem like the money hungry semi-stripper who's usually on Fox; why'd you do it?" - Homer

  • Selma Bouvier

    Episode 16 - Million Dollar Abie

    Grampa costs Springfield the chance of getting a major football team. In his despair, he contemplates suicide and goes to a doctor specialising in euthanasia.

    However, when the police arrests the doctor and Grampa realises he's not dead, he starts a new life as a bullfighter in the newly converted football stadium.

  • Selma Bouvier

    Episode 17 - Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore

    Mr Burns outsources the plant to India and Homer takes charge of training the new workforce.

    Meanwhile, Patty and Selma kidnap Richard Dean Anderson from a Stargate SG-1 convention but quickly grow tired of the actor when he refuses to leave.

    "Richard Dean Anderson, of the four Star franchises: Wars, Trek, Gate and Search; Gate is easily my third favorite." - Comic Book Guy

  • Selma Bouvier

    Episode 18 - The Wettest Stories Ever Told

    When the Simpsons' plans for a family outing at the Frying Dutchman are scuppered, the family try to salvage the night by telling three tales of disaster at sea including the tale of how a fugitive named Homer delivered the Mayflower safely to the new world.

    "Oh Lord! Thank you for this generous rain and abundant lighting." - Reverend Lovejoy

  • Selma Bouvier

    Episode 19 - Girls Just Want to Have Sum

    A chauvinistic remark from Principal Skinner to a former female pupil results in his demotion and subsequently, the school is split between the sexes.

    However, Lisa soon tires of the new principal's (voiced by Frances McDormand) mollycoddling style towards girls and impersonates a boy in order to learn.

    "The only reason Lisa won is because she learned to think like a boy! I turned her into a burping, farting, bullying math machine!" - Bart

  • Selma Bouvier

    Episode 20 - Regarding Margie

    Marge inhales poisonous fumes during a cleaning spree and suffers amnesia.

    Homer tries to revive her memory but Marge's memory has blocked out any recollection of her husband.

    Homer takes Marge to the mini golf course where Bart was conceived but when he does, Marge decides that she wants to leave him.

    "That Homer Simpson. He is quite a guy. He paid me ten bucks so I would lie. The truth is he is not so great. He is the one man I truly hate." - Luigi

  • Selma Bouvier

    Episode 21 - The Monkey Suit

    After visiting an evolution exhibition, Ned Flanders pushes Mayor Quimby to appoint Reverend Lovejoy as a "Morality Czar" in charge of spreading the theory of creationism.

    Darwin's theories are outlawed and Lisa finds herself as the only supporter of the scientific theory. Lisa is later arrested for holding secret evolution classes and is forced to defend her beliefs in front of a judge.

    "Class, the town has spoken. From now on we're only teaching one theory: creationism. Now please hand in your evolution books to Groundskeeper Willie while I beat this ominous drum." - Miss Hoover

  • Selma Bouvier

    Episode 22 - Homer and Marge Turn a Couple Play

    Homer and Marge Turn a Couple Play: Struggling sportsman Buck Mitchell turns to Homer and Marge for marital advice. They get Buck and his wife on track and Buck's team play better too.

    "Buck, you've got a beautiful woman with a hot body that any man would fantasize about, even while making love to his own Marge." - Homer

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Homer. Marge. Bart. Lisa. Maggie. They're unique, they're extraordinary, and they're yellow. Say hello to the Simpsons.

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