The Simpsons

    • Episode 1 - Treehouse of Horror XIII

      Homer's cloning hammock gets out of control and Lisa's meddling leaves Springfield vulnerable to zombie attack

    • Episode 2 - How I Spent My Strummer Vacation

      Homer goes to a rock 'n roll holiday camp but, when it's time to leave, he just wants to keep rockin' with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Lenny Kravitz

    • Episode 3 - Bart vs Lisa vs 3rd Grade

      After Homer wins enough money on the horses to invest in satellite TV, Bart is held back a year at school and Lisa is moved up into the same class as him

    • Episode 4 - Large Marge

      Marge accidentally gets breast implants after mistakenly thinking that Homer was flirting with two businesswomen while he was building houses for the homeless

    • Episode 5 - Helter Skelter

      The Simpsons' house must be fumigated after a hockey player gives his termite-infested stick to Lisa, and the only place the family can find to live is in a TV show

    • Episode 6 - The Great Louse Detective

      When someone tries to murder Homer, Chief Wiggum seeks help from a person who understands the mind of a killer by letting Sideshow Bob out of prison

    • Episode 7 - Special Edna (a.k.a. Love and Marking)

      Bart feels sorry for Mrs Krabappel after Skinner stands her up again to attend to his mother's whims

    • Episode 8 - The Dad Who Knew Too Little

      Homer hires a detective to spy on Lisa to get to know her better. But when Homer doesn't pay him, the detective frames Lisa and she has to go on the run.

    • Episode 9 - Strong Arms of the Ma

      When Marge is mugged, she reacts by working out with weights, but goes too far and ends up as a steroid-crazed bully

    • Episode 10 - Pray Anthing

      Jealous of Flanders' lifestyle, Homer starts to pray for material possessions, but things get out of hand when he begs for a bigger house...

    • Episode 11 - Barting Over

      Bart moves into a downtown apartment of his own, where he befriends famous skateboarder Tony Hawk (guest starring as himself). Also guest starring Blink 182.

    • Episode 12 - I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can

      Lisa wins a place at the Spellympics National Spelling Bee, but discovers that it's not as clean-cut a competition as she thought

    • Episode 13 - A Star Is Born Again

      A famous and sultry movie star swoops into Springfield with eyes for none other than Ned Flanders, making him the envy of the town

    • Episode 14 - Mr Spritz Goes to Washington

      The family is fed up with the noise caused by new flight patterns at Springfield airport, so they demand immediate action from their congressman

    • Episode 15 - C. E. D'oh

      Homer attends a 'How to Succeed in Being You' course and develops a new attitude to work, making suggestions to improve safety at the power plant

    • Episode 16 - 'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky

      Lisa's interest in astronomy leads her to petition Mayor Quimby to end Springfield's light pollution problem, causing unexpected trouble

    • Episode 17 - Three Gays of the Condo

      Homer moves out of the house after realising that Marge only married him because she was pregnant with Bart, and ends up sharing an apartment with two gay men

    • Episode 18 - Dude, Where's My Ranch?

      After Homer has a hit record with an anti-Ned Flanders Christmas carol, the family decide to get away from it all at a ranch

    • Episode 19 - Old Yeller Belly

      Santa's Little Helper becomes Duff beer's new mascot after he is banished from the Simpson home for failing to save Homer during a domestic emergency

    • Episode 20 - Brake My Wife, Please

      After Homer is banned from driving Marge gets stressed ferrying everyone around, although Homer enjoys walking everywhere - until Marge crashes into him

    • Episode 21 - The Bart of War

      Bart and Milhouse are caught getting up to no good in Ned Flanders' house and are enrolled in separate clubs to keep them off the streets

    • Episode 22 - Moe Baby Blues

      Moe becomes Maggie's full-time baby-sitter after saving her from a car accident when he was about to end it all. She gives him a reason to live, but Homer isn't happy.