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Homer. Marge. Bart. Lisa. Maggie. They're unique, they're extraordinary, and they're yellow. Say hello to the Simpsons.

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Homer. Marge. Bart. Lisa. Maggie. They're unique, they're extraordinary, and they're yellow. Say hello to the Simpsons.

Series 11 Summary

Moe gets cosmetic facial surgery, and the brooding barkeeper enjoys a rare streak of happiness before everything comes crashing down - on his face. Meanwhile, Maude Flanders takes a tumble, and Apu becomes father to a litter of wide-eyed octuplets.

  • Lisa driving Mel Gibson and Homer

    Episode 1 - Beyond Blunderdome

    When Homer and Marge attend a test screening of Mel Gibson's remake of Mr Smith Goes to Washington, Homer gives the film a mercilessly rough critique.

    Rather than be angered by Homer's remarks, Gibson decides to hire him as a consultant on the script rewrites. Together Mel and Homer turn the movie into a bloody action flick.

    The film studio is so disgusted by the new cut that they attempt to block its distribution. Homer and Mel steal the only print of the film and escape the studio lot with the executives pursuing them. Commandeering the old Mad Max car from the Hollywood Auto Museum, the Simpsons and the movie star careen through the streets, causing all sorts of destruction.

    Can they escape with the print intact? Does Mr Smith ever get to go to Washington? Why doesn't Mel Gibson have an accent anymore?

    'Piece of cake. Now where's that kid with my latte?' - Homer

  • Bart as a cheerleader

    Episode 2 - Brother's Little Helper

    After Bart is caught performing another destructive act, Homer and Marge put him on medication. The boy starts taking Focusyne, an experimental Attention Deficit Disorder drug that at first turns him into the very model of manners and efficiency.

    But the drug has some strange side effects, and Bart becomes paranoid, ranting that Major League Baseball is using a satellite to read his thoughts. Marge and Homer try to take Bart off Focusyne, but he resists and overdoses.

    During his Focusyne bender, Bart steals a tank from a nearby army base and shoots a satellite out of the sky. Sure enough, the satellite is controlled by Major League Baseball, but America's hero, Mark McGwire, helicopters into Springfield to assure everyone that nothing suspicious is going on.

    'At my house, we call them: uh-ohs.' - Ralph Wiggum

  • Lisa in a zombified state at a computer

    Episode 3 - Guess Who's Coming to Criticise Dinner

    Homer gets the perfect side job when he becomes the chief restaurant critic for The Springfield Shopper newspaper. He loves the perks, but can barely write a complete sentence.

    When Lisa helps out by ghosting his columns, Homer becomes the most powerful - and feared - critic in town.

    Soon Homer earns the wrath of every restaurant owner in Springfield and they join together in a plot to kill him with a poisonous éclair. Can Homer survive this death by chocolate (and butter, and custard)?

    'How about groin-grabbingly transcendent?' - Homer

  • Homer gripping a troubled Ned by the waist

    Episode 4 - Treehouse of Horror X

    In this year's exceptionally evil Halloween episode, Springfield catches a case of the Y2K bug, Lisa and Bart catch some radiation, and Ned Flanders gets caught under Marge's car's tyres.

    In the first segment, Marge accidentally kills Ned Flanders while driving late at night. But when Ned comes back to haunt the Simpsons, his own evil secret is revealed. In the second story, Bart and Lisa become superheroes after getting zapped by radiation. Together they battle against the evil Comic Book Guy after he takes Lucy Lawless, TV's Xena: Warrior Princess, hostage.

    In the final segment, Homer forgets to make the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Y2K compliant and accidentally brings about the complete destruction of the town. When the government sets up spaceships to send citizens to safety, Marge, Lisa and Maggie are granted seats but Homer and Bart have to fend for themselves.

    'All that counts is that we're alive and rubbing elbows with the greats.' - Homer

  • Homer under racoon attack

    Episode 5 - E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)

    Homer begins challenging everyone around him to duels after he sees a Zorro film at the Googoplex.

    Most people back down, until Homer meets an old-fashioned Colonel who takes him up on his dare. Unable to get out of the contest with the Colonel, Homer and his family flee to the country, where they become farmers.

    Farm life is difficult until Homer creates a new crop called tomacco - tomatoes crossed with tobacco. The new fruit is disgusting to eat, but incredibly addictive.

    Selling barrel upon barrel of tomacco, Homer attracts the attention of some tobacco industry executives who want to capitalise on his new crop. Will Homer sell his cash crop for a pile of cash? Why are all the animals who ate tomacco suddenly going berserk? Would it really have been so bad to duel that Colonel after all?

    'Swim, my pretties.' - Homer

  • Homer sitting among barrels of nuclear waste

    Episode 6 - Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder

    Homer breaks his tea party date with Maggie to go bowling, lying that there is an emergency at the plant.

    The lie is revealed when Homer bowls a perfect 300 and attracts the attention of the media. Because of his accomplishment, Homer becomes a celebrity, appearing on The Springfield Squares with Bumblebee Man, Sideshow Mel, and his old nemesis, Ron Howard.

    But fame proves fickle and Homer quickly goes from Man of the Moment to Where Are They Now? Depressed, he decides to devote his life to his children. Bart and Lisa don't really take to his extra-aggressive parenting, but Maggie can't refuse, mostly because she can't speak.

    Homer takes Maggie to a Daddy and Me swim class but she's too scared to go in the water. Later, Homer nearly drowns and only Maggie can save him. Homer realises that he might not have fame, but he'll always have his baby.

    'Flavor of the month? Me?' - Homer

  • Apu wearing a milk-bottle harness and Manjula with two of the babies

    Episode 7 - Eight Misbehavin'

    Apu and his wife decide to have a baby. With the help of fertility drugs, their attempts to conceive prove successful - very successful: nine months later, Manjula gives birth to octuplets.

    The townspeople of Springfield celebrate the arrival of the babies, and local companies shower Apu and Manjula with free products. But when a Shelbyville couple has nine babies at once, all the attention turns to them and Apu and Manjula are left to raise their babies together.

    It's a big job and Apu realises he's not up to the task. When Larry Kittkill, the owner of the Springfield Zoo, offers to pay Apu and Manjula to raise their babies behind the glass of a zoo exhibition, Apu foolishly accepts.

    When he decides he wants to take his new family away from the zoo, Apu discovers that he can't get out of the contract he signed. Homer and Apu steal the babies but Homer must make amends with Mr Kittkill by performing at the zoo himself.

    'You have octuplets. It rolls off of your tongue, and into your heart.' - Marge

  • Homer and Marge in bed, under attack from bikers

    Episode 8 - Take My Wife, Sleaze

    The Simpson family has dinner at Greaser's Café, a '50s-themed restaurant. While there, Homer and Marge enter a dance contest and win a vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

    After Bart teaches his father how to ride his new hog, Homer forms a biker gang called the Hell's Satans with Lenny, Carl, Moe and Ned Flanders. While riding around town making trouble, the Satans attract the attention of another, more authentic biker gang who also happen to be called the Hell's Satans.

    The real biker gang, led by two guys named Meathook and Ramrod, take over the Simpsons' house and trash the place. Marge, ever the gracious host, cooks and cleans for her new guests.

    When the Satans leave, they take Marge with them. While pursuing the men who kidnapped his wife, Homer goes to Poppa Wheelie's, a biker bar where he sees NRBQ playing. Marge isn't there since she's being held at a campsite by the Hell's Satans.

    Marge tries to reason with her captors and teaches them that violence is wrong. Just then, Homer arrives to steal her back and winds up battling with Meathook. Luckily, Homer wins the fight and takes his wife home. The Hell's Satans, meanwhile, will take the lessons they learned from Marge and start new, more productive lives.

    'Remember to rebel against authority, kids!' - Homer

  • Milhouse wearing a lady's wig and bra

    Episode 9 - Grift of the Magi

    When Fat Tony and his legitimate businessmen friends extort $200,000 from Principal Skinner, Springfield Elementary goes broke. The children rejoice while Skinner tries to figure out a way to raise enough money to reopen the school.

    Enter Jim Hope and his Kid First Industry (KFI), a touchy-feely corporation that buys the school and privatises it. KFI fires all the teachers and rewrites the curriculum based on its own curious corporate mandates. Strangely, every lesson plan seems to revolve in some way around toys and marketing. When Lisa's class is asked to come up with names for toys, Lisa becomes very suspicious of KFI's motives.

    After a little investigating, she discovers that the school is full of hidden cameras and two-way blackboards that allow KFI to gather marketing data on children. Lisa tries to share her discovery with her parents and Chief Wiggum, but KFI removes all evidence from the school before they can investigate.

    When Christmas rolls around, Lisa notices that a popular new toy named Funzo has many of the traits her classmates said they wanted. Lisa and Bart break into the KFI headquarters to figure out what's going on. Slipping by Gary Coleman, who is working as a security guard at KFI, Lisa and Bart confront Jim Hope.

    Hope admits that he may have exploited the kids, but he gives them a free Funzo, which is enough to satisfy Bart. Funzo becomes a huge hit at Christmas time, but when Bart discovers that it's programmed to destroy all other toys, he agrees with Lisa that Funzo is bad. Bart and Lisa decide to get rid of all the Funzos they can by having Homer steal them from their neighbors' homes.

    When Homer tries to throw all the stolen toys into the Springfield Tyre Fire, he's stopped by none other than Gary Coleman. But by talking with Gary, Lisa is able to show him the truth about KFI and the way that other companies have exploited Christmas. The Simpsons invite Gary over for Christmas dinner and everyone has a wonderful day.

    'Oh, daytime TV is muy estupido.' - Bart

  • Homer trying to ignore Ned's toned bottom

    Episode 10 - Little Big Mom

    When Marge breaks her leg in a skiing accident, it's up to Lisa to run the Simpson household in her mother's absence. Lisa thinks she can handle the responsibility by implementing a structured plan and using fun management techniques like a 'chore hat' from which her father and brother can randomly select a chore.

    Of course, Homer and Bart ignore Lisa's system and the house turns into a pig sty. Meanwhile, Marge is discovering the wonders of shiatsu massage as she receives foot, leg and hair rub-downs in the hospital.

    Lisa is so angry at Homer and Bart's lack of consideration that she decides to play a trick on them. With a little inspiration from the spirit of Lucille Ball, Lisa comes up with a way to trick Homer and Bart into thinking they have leprosy.

    Her trick works so well that Homer and Bart get sent to a leper colony in Hawaii courtesy of Ned Flanders. When Marge gets out of the hospital, she and Lisa track Homer and Bart down at the leper colony but discover that they don't want to leave.

    'Oh, stupid sexy Flanders.' - Homer

  • Homer on the kitchen floor with a bucket over his head, the family look on

    Episode 11 - Faith Off

    Homer attends a fundraiser for Springfield University, where he is briefly reunited with his old pals Benjamin, Doug and Gary. For old time's sake, the four team up to pull a prank on the dean.

    When the prank goes tragically awry, Homer is forced to live with its aftermath: a bucket full of super glue gets stuck on his head. Every attempt to remove the bucket fails until the Simpson family attends a religious revival, where a preacher named Brother Faith empowers Bart to remove it.

    Sensing a new calling, Bart devotes his life to becoming a faith healer. He manages to heal a number of Springfield's residents, but experiences a crisis of faith when he causes Milhouse to be hit by a car.

    Swearing off faith healing for good, Bart is forced into it again when a field goal kicker for Springfield University injures his ankle during an important game. Does Bart really have the power to heal him? Or will Springfield U lose the big game? Bart had better have faith and the team doctor had better have some morphine.

    'Wow, he dances better than Jesus himself!' - Bart

  • Marge dusting small vats containing Mr Burns foetuses

    Episode 12 - The Mansion Family

    After receiving an award for being Springfield's oldest citizen, Mr Burns decides to take a trip with Mr Smithers to the Mayo Clinic for a complete check-up. While he's away, he asks the Simpson family to look after his mansion.

    Right away, Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa begin to act like snotty millionaires, sliding down the banister, riding a horse down the hallway, scratching their butts with the good silverware and so on. All goes well until Homer decides to throw a party aboard Mr Burns' prized yacht, Gone Fission, and invites Moe, Barney, Lenny and Carl along.

    Meanwhile, at the Mayo Clinic, Mr Burns goes through a series of painful and invasive tests that yield some pretty shocking results: it turns out that Mr Burns has every disease known to man and a few new ones that haven't been discovered yet. Luckily, all of the diseases cancel each other out and Burns remains the picture of health, sort of.

    Back on the boat, Homer and his buddies are taken hostage by a group of pirates who throw them overboard. As luck would have it, the group survives and Homer returns to his family just as Burns returns home. Marge and Lisa have cleaned the house so there is no evidence of the Simpson family's messy stay and everything goes back to normal.

    'Operator, get me Thailand. T, I... and so on.' - Homer

  • Moe's heart pumping heavily at the sight of a beautiful woman

    Episode 13 - Saddlesore Galactica

    During a trip to the State Fair, Homer and Bart save a diving horse named Duncan. To help pay for the horse's food and care, Homer tries to train Duncan to be a field goal kicker, but NFL regulations specifically ban the use of horses in professional football. As Homer curses the NFL and their draconian rulebook, Bart comes up with the idea of turning Duncan into a racehorse.

    With a pajama-clad Bart as his jockey, Duncan loses his first race. Bart and Homer are the laughingstocks of the racing community, but after giving Duncan a Rodman-esque makeover as a bad-boy rebel renamed Furious D, they take the racing world by storm. Furious D intimidates all his competitors with his dyed hair and nose ring. Miraculously, Furious D and Bart become champions.

    After a race, Homer is ambushed by crazed, singing jockeys who reveal themselves to be magical elves who live in an underground lair. The jockeys tell Homer that if Bart doesn't lose the big Springfield Derby, they'll eat his brains. Terrified, Homer tries to convince Bart to throw the race. Bart refuses and he and Furious D go on to win it all.

    But the victory is brief as the murderous elves pursue Homer, Bart and Duncan as they flee the racetrack and try to make it home. It's up to Marge and her trusty garden hose to stop the elves before they can dine on what's left of Homer's brains. Homer throws out the elves with the trash and the family says goodbye to Duncan, who gets put out to stud.

    'He's a diving horse. Maybe he could dive for pearls.' - Bart

  • Maude and Ned in front of Homer's belly

    Episode 14 - Alone Again Natura-Diddily

    Tragedy strikes Springfield as one of the town's most beloved citizens dies in a freak car-racing accident.

    During a walk through the Springfield bird sanctuary, the Simpson family discovers a new auto-racing track. On the track's opening day, all of Springfield gathers to see the racing action.

    During a routine T-shirt promotion during the intermission, Maude Flanders is knocked from atop the stadium bleachers and crashes to her death. After a brief, poignant funeral, Ned must learn to pick up the pieces of his shattered life.

    Homer tries his best to help his neighbour, even going as far as pushing the still-grieving Ned back into the dating scene. After a series of dates that run the gamut from bad to horrible, Ned resigns himself to being alone.

    But in his darkest hour, he draws some inspiration from Rachel Jordan, the lead singer of a Christian rock band. Touched by Rachel's talent and beauty, Ned takes his first small step toward happiness.

    'Flanders? Since when do you like anything cool?' - Homer

  • Homer and 'Lisa Jr' face trouble

    Episode 15 - Missionary: Impossible

    Homer anonymously pledges $10,000 to PBS to save Do Shut Up, his favorite British sitcom.

    When Betty White and her PBS cronies track him down, Homer is forced to flee for his life. Seeking sanctuary at the Springfield Community Church, Homer begs Reverend Lovejoy to save him from the violent PBS posse that has grown to include Mr Rogers, the Teletubbies, and Oscar the Grouch.

    Reverend Lovejoy smuggles Homer out of the Church parking lot inside a bag labeled 'Children's Letters to God' and deposits him on a Christian Relief plane bound for the South Pacific. When he arrives on a lush tropical island, Homer is forced to act as a missionary, teaching the ways of the Lord to the natives.

    Back in Springfield, Bart becomes the man of the house and takes Homer's place at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Mr Burns pokes Bart with a stick for over an hour during his first day on the job.

    On the island, Homer brings civilization to the natives in the form of casino gambling and beer. But Homer's newly opened Lucky Savage Casino does not lead to progress. Instead, it leads to violence and alcoholism. Attempting to repent for his mistake, Homer tries to finish the construction of the island's first chapel.

    After he completes the building with the help of the natives, Homer and a native girl he has named Lisa Jr ring the church bell so loudly that they cause an earthquake. The earthquake opens up a fissure in the island's floor that unleashes a deadly river of lava. Will Homer and Lisa Jr survive? It's up to Bart - and a well-placed phone call to FOX - to save the day.

    'Oh, save me Jebus!' - Homer

  • Homer, Carl and Lenny with the letters 'MOO' spelt on their bellies

    Episode 16 - Pygmoelian

    Moe competes for top honors at a Duff Beer festival and wins a chance to appear in a Duff calendar. When the calendar finally comes out, Moe's face is covered with a giant sticker due to his hideous ugliness.

    Despondent, Moe goes in for some much-needed plastic surgery and emerges from the operation with a smooth, handsome face. After settling some old scores with people who've wronged him, Moe heads over to the TV studio, where he confronts the producer of It Never Ends, a soap opera he once tried out for.

    Because of his new face, Moe is hired on the spot and made a regular on the series. But when Moe and Homer discover that Moe's character is about to be written off, they sabotage the entire show by revealing top secret plot points for the next year.

    The producers fire Moe and then, in a freak accident, a set piece falls on Moe's face, destroying all of his doctor's hard work. After that, it's back to Moe's Tavern for Springfield's least comely bartender.

    'I've been called ugly, pug-ugly, fugly, pug-fugly, but never ugly-ugly.' - Moe

  • Lisa as President of the United States

    Episode 17 - Bart to the Future

    During a family outing to an Indian-owned casino, Bart sees a vision of his future courtesy of the wise Native American casino magnate.

    Flash forward thirty years: Bart is crashing on Ralph Wiggum's couch, trying his hardest to make it as a rock guitarist. His sister has just been elected the first straight woman President of the United States and when Bart gets evicted for not paying rent, he decides it's time to pay Lisa a little visit at her new home.

    Bart moves into the White House, which is already overrun by Homer and Marge and Maggie Jr, Maggie's beautiful baby girl.

    As Lisa begins her Presidency, Bart makes a total nuisance of himself, interrupting press conferences to promote his demo tape, setting off the Secret Service with his Frisbee, and using an official Presidential helicopter to fly in Ralph Wiggum to hang out and drink beer.

    Lisa and her top advisor, Milhouse, decide to send Bart on a wild goose chase to get rid of him. But when Bart discovers the plot, he is hurt and offended. Returning to the White House, he finds Lisa in a critical meeting with other leaders of the free world, begging them not to collect the loans they gave to her financially strapped country.

    Bart, who is by now an expert at dodging creditors, helps Lisa fend off their demands and saves the day. Back in the present, Bart realises that he can change his future if he tries and goes off with Lisa and tells her all about his vision.

    'Sorry, son. Although they seem strange to us, we must respect the ways of the Indian.' - Homer

  • Photograph of Bart and Lisa as toddlers

    Episode 18 - Days of Wine and D'Oh'ses

    After Homer accidentally sets fire to the backyard, he takes refuge in Moe's, where Barney is busy complaining that his friends missed his birthday.

    Homer reminds Barney that he threw him a party and shows him a video of the drunken birthday boy to prove it. Barney is so embarrassed he vows to quit drinking and take the helicopter lessons Moe bought him for his birthday.

    Meanwhile, back at the Simpson house, Bart and Lisa enter a competition to create a new cover for the Springfield phone book. Finding an old camera, they set out to snap the winning photo. But while taking a picture from a scenic outlook, a stray flash bulb creates a brush fire, leaving Bart and Lisa trapped while a fire rages all around them.

    A newly sober Barney is the only man who can save them.

    'So, you missed some big changes at Moe's. He hangs newspapers over the urinals now. You can read the sports page while you pee! Very la-dee-da.' - Homer

  • Homer with a red cone for a hat

    Episode 19 - Kill the Alligator and Run

    A self-help test gone wrong convinces Homer he has only four more years to live.

    The weight of the news begins to unravel what little sanity he had left and the Plant psychiatrist recommends a long vacation. But as the Simpson family arrives in Florida for Homer's recovery, they realise the state has been invaded by Spring Breakers.

    Despite Marge's best efforts to keep him in his hotel room, Homer manages to escape and make it to a Kid Rock concert. But when the Spring Breakers leave, Homer refuses to let the party end.

    After renting an airboat, Homer accidentally runs over the alligator Captain Jack, a local legend. The sheriff promptly arrests the whole family and locks them in jail. But thanks to Homer's quick thinking, they manage to escape.

    'Restock the possum bar. We're almost out of claws.' - Marge

  • Lisa in tap dancing clothing with Professor Frink

    Episode 20 - Last Tap Dance in Springfield

    During an outing at the mall, Homer gets his eyes examined while Marge and Lisa shop for items Bart will need for his camping trip.

    Seeing a film about tango dancers, Lisa is inspired to get dance lessons. However, she does not prove to be the most talented of dancers. Her role in an upcoming dance recital: curtain puller. Lisa is crushed.

    Meanwhile, Bart and Milhouse sneak out of their camping trip and decide to spend a week in the mall. Hiding out in an air vent until the mall closes the boys stuff themselves silly with candy, cookies and play with all the toys.

    The next morning Chief Wiggum is called in to investigate. Thinking he is on the trail of an enormous rat, Wiggum tries to catch them using various traps and tricks. Meanwhile, with a little help from Professor Frink, Lisa becomes the star of the recital.

    'I don't want to go home. My grandma's sleeping in my bed and she has skin like a basketball.' - Milhouse

  • Half naked Homer with doctors looking on

    Episode 21 - It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge

    One morning on the way to school, Otto takes the bus on a short detour to propose to his girlfriend Becky through the drive-in window of the restaurant where she works.

    Bart persuades Marge to have the wedding in their backyard, and everything goes well until Otto insists on playing the heavy metal music Becky hates so much. The marriage is over as soon as it starts and Becky winds up living with the Simpsons as she tries to put her life back together.

    Soon, it becomes clear that Becky is becoming competition for Marge in the home, baking, teaching the kids karate, and helping them with homework. It's only a matter of time before Marge snaps and tries to take back her life - by force.

    'Ch-ch-ch-changes. Time to change the oil. Changes! Don't wanna be an oily man...' - Homer

  • A factory production line of Homer figures that strangle Barts

    Episode 22 - Behind the Laughter

    A special behind-the-scenes look at the ups and downs of 'the first family of American laughter.'

    As the story unfolds, we learn of Homer Simpsons' humble beginnings and the demo tape that made him famous. Unable to get his videotape seen by any big time network execs, the family turns to FOX.

    The Simpsons quickly became an enormous hit, the future looking bright. But success comes at a great price and all the baggy pants in MC Hammer's old house can't save the family from themselves.

    Homer's addiction to painkillers, the tax problems, Bart's reckless behaviour - it all spelled trouble for the show and the family. How did they ever pull through? With style and class. And a little help from their friends.

    'Cowabunga, dude!' - Bart

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Homer. Marge. Bart. Lisa. Maggie. They're unique, they're extraordinary, and they're yellow. Say hello to the Simpsons.

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