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Homer. Marge. Bart. Lisa. Maggie. They're unique, they're extraordinary, and they're yellow. Say hello to the Simpsons.

About the Show

Homer. Marge. Bart. Lisa. Maggie. They're unique, they're extraordinary, and they're yellow. Say hello to the Simpsons.

Series 1 Summary

In the classic first series, Marge's marriage is threatened when she meets debonair bowling tutor Jacques, Krusty the Clown is framed for the armed robbery of the Kwik-E-Mart, and Bart and Lisa face the wrath of the Babysitter Bandit - with only Maggie to save them.

  • The Simpsons gathered around a fire

    Episode 1 - Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire

    Marge spends the family's Christmas money on getting Bart's tattoo removed, so Homer gets a job as Santa but bets his wages on a dog with a festive name

  • Bart in a labcoat

    Episode 2 - Bart the Genius

    Bart cheats at a test, but is so successful that he is sent to a school for the gifted...

  • Homer driving a red buggy through the nuclear plant

    Episode 3 - Homer's Odyssey

    Homer decides to become a safety campaigner after he causes a meltdown at the nuclear power plant

  • The Simpsons in the car with jellies

    Episode 4 - There's No Disgrace Like Home

    The Simpsons go to therapy after an embarrassing incident at the company picnic

  • Bart wearing a soldier's helmet

    Episode 5 - Bart the General

    Bart and his friends stand up to Nelson, with a little bit of help from Grandpa and Herman

  • Lisa in gym class, depressed

    Episode 6 - Moaning Lisa

    Lisa meets Bleeding Gums Murphy, who helps her express her emotions through music

  • The Simpsons in a packed camper van

    Episode 7 - The Call of the Simpsons

    The family go camping but drive off the edge of a cliff and have to fend for themselves in the woods where Homer is mistaken for Bigfoot

  • Bart, Homer, and the statue's head

    Episode 8 - The Telltale Head

    Bart steals the head of the Jebediah Springfield statue, little realising quite how much it will upset the townspeople

  • Bart, Lisa and Maggie bring Homer and Marge breakfast in bed

    Episode 9 - Life on the Fast Lane

    Homer buys Marge a bowling ball for her birthday. She takes lessons with a smooth Frenchman (guest star Albert Brooks), but does he have an ulterior motive?

  • Homer dances with a belly dancer

    Episode 10 - Homer's Night Out

    Homer's in trouble when Bart captures him on film cavorting with belly dancer Princess Kashmir

  • Maggie examines Homer's sad face

    Episode 11 - The Crepes of Wrath

    Bart goes on a foreign exchange to France, where he stays with a couple of slave-driving wine makers

  • Krusty in a line-up of clowns

    Episode 12 - Krusty Gets Busted

    Krusty is accused of robbing the Kwik-E-Mart, thanks to witness Homer Simpson. But Bart is sure that his hero is innocent and, with Lisa's help, sets out to prove it.

  • Marge and Homer, with romantic chocolates

    Episode 13 - Some Enchanted Evening

    Bart is convinced that his babysitter is the Babysitter Bandit.