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Channel 4's late night zone for great short films and web virals

  • Under the Skin

    Award-winning short films from two of the UK's best new film-making talents.

    Sunny Boy: Darren Kent plays a young boy forced to live in darkness because of a rare skin condition, who longs to be a normal teenager just once. Written and directed by Jane Gull.

    Driftwood: James Webber's film stars Sam Gittins as a talented young swimmer tormented in his home life, who must overcome his demons to fulfil his ambitions.

  • The Trouble with Banks

    The Trouble with Banks explores the dark worlds of banking and politics across two new films from upcoming UK directors. The first feature, On This Island, is a satirical vision of modern Britain in which a Greek teacher played by Michele Valley, is assisted by her English pupil, played by James Norton, to sit an absurd UK Citizenship test. Written and directed by Matthew Hammett Knott and produced by Louise Simpson. The second feature, Incorporated, is a short psychological thriller about the seedy underbelly of banking and high finance, starring Luke Harris, Amy Shiels and Dominik Kracmar. Written and directed by Nick White and produced by Nick White and Rachel Wardlow.

  • The Shooting Gallery: Lost Art

    Lost Art

    The new series of The Shooting Gallery continues with a selection of micro-documentaries from the multi-award winning Tate-Channel 4 collaboration The Lost Art project. Nine films tell the stories of some of the most famous pieces of art of 20th century that have been lost, stolen, erased or destroyed. The films include the return of a piece of art stolen by the Nazis, a brief glimpse inside the Art Loss Register and the wrapping of the Reichstag, as well as work by Frida Kahlo, Francis Bacon and Jake Chapman. Directed and produced by Susan Doyon; Executive Producer: Jane Burton; Prod Co: Tate Media

  • Modern Tales

    Two more award-winning short films exploring the darker side of the modern world. Writer/director Daniel Jewel's thought-provoking drama Drone shows a morning in the life of a drone operator, starring Ewen Bremner and Cordelia Bugeja. Produced by Mandy Belnick, Ateh Jewel and Daniel Jewel. The second feature, Two & Two, is a dark allegory about the absurdity of tyranny as a maths lesson takes a sinister turn. In Farsi with subtitles. Starring Bijan Daneshmand, Ravi Karimi, Pouyan Lotfi and Kourosh Shirazi; Written by Babak Anvari and Gavin Gullen, directed and produced by Babak Anvari with producer Kit Fraser.

  • The Noble Art

    Two original features exploring the noble art of boxing. In Repton Boxing Club, fashion photographer Alasdair McLellan directs as Ray Winstone reflects in Repton Boxing Club, East London. Written by and co-starring Ryan Pickard and produced by Laura Holmes. The second film, Rabbit Punch, which stars Ryan McCutcheon, Scott Brown and Dave Pickering, is a Bafta Award-winning coming-of-age piece that charts the changing friendship of two young boys. Written and directed by Neil Hartop.

  • The Boy and The Worm

    Two surreal award-winning shorts by some of the UK's most exciting new directing talents. Spencer Brown's film The Boy with a Camera For a Face, narrated by Steven Berkoff, tells the satirical tale of a boy, played by Jaimie Boubezari, who is born with a camera where his head should be. Starring Jessica Pyatt, Joe Madley, Adam Jennings, Kirsten Hazel-Smith and Mike Denman.

    The second feature is Worm, written by Matthew James Wilkinson and starring Tom Basden, Robert Glenister and Jeany Spark. Shortly after burying his father, Philip meets him again in the form of a worm. Produced by Matthew James Wilkinson and Emily Leo and directed by Bert & Bertie.

  • This Is Vanity

    A critically acclaimed, deeply moving tale of a mother's struggle to protect disabled teenage daughter Tyler from repeated attacks at the hands of local bullies.

    As Angela's continual pleas for help are rejected by the authorities, she turns to a far higher power for the solution.

    Starring Sophie Farquhar, Lucy Brown, Dominic Mafham, Richard Creham and Sam Seager.

    Winner of Best Drama at Magnolia and Audience Choice at Bermuda. Nominated Best Short Film at Fingal and Official Selection at Brooklyn, Hoboken, Rochester, Shnit and Emmentaler.

  • Death Row

    Four powerful micro-documentaries from British film-makers Will Francome and Mark Pizzey that profile deeply moving and personal examinations of life after death row.

    Former inmates whose convictions were the result of miscarriages of justice talk about their experiences at the hands of the American justice system.

    Jeremy Irons introduces Kirk Bloodsworth, who was convicted and released by DNA evidence. Lily Tomlin introduces Sabrina Butler, the first woman to be exonerated from death row. Jurassic 5's Chali 2na introduces Delbert Tibbs, convicted because of unreliable witness testimony, and Joe D'Ambrosio offers a reflection on life after death row.

  • Blame the Parents

    The Shooting Gallery: Blame the Parents profiles two original new talents from Scotland.

    Your Picture Gets Mine is a cautionary tale about internet dating, starring Kate Dickie, Stephen Sheriff and Michael Sharp. Written and produced by Marcus McPeake. Directed by James Anderson

    The Taxidermist by Charlotte Carden won the Bafta Scotland New Talent Award. It's a darkly comic tale that explores the relationship between a taxidermist and his father, starring Pierce Reid, Robert Williamson and Una McDade. Written and directed by Charlotte Carden. Produced by Andrew Lanni for the Royal Conservatoire, Scotland.

  • Crossing Over

    The Shooting Gallery: Crossing Over profiles two outstanding short films from across the UK.

    Chris Purcell's Why Don't We Do It in the Road, narrated by Roger McGough, is a lyrical portrait of one of London's most distinctive tourist attractions - an unremarkable pedestrian crossing in North London, made famous by the fab four in 1969 - it remains a beacon for Beatles tourist to this day.

    The award-winning Making of Longbird is a modern take on the mockumentary, a humorous combination of animation and documentary about the trials of a young animator who attempts to bring a Russian cartoon legend back to life. Voiced by Will Anderson, Tobias Feltus and Vitaliji Sicinava.

  • The Shooting Gallery: Adrenaline Rush

    Adrenaline Rush

    The Shooting Gallery shines a light on action sports short films. Adrenaline Rush looks at Afghanistan's street skaters, award-winning surf films, free-skiing in Sarajevo and more.

  • Here Comes the Night

    This edition features original shorts made by the best emerging film-makers from Northern Ireland. Films include:

    Small Change: A seminal short film from film-maker Cathy Brady.

    Belfast Now: A photo film from Adam Patterson.

    Local Superhero: There's trouble afoot in the comic book store in this comical music video from cult Irish band Window Seats.

    Sassie's Gran: Profile of a young Belfast transvestite and his gran told through still images.

    The River: Adam Patterson's potrait of Tallaght, Dublin.

  • All Right Now

    A collection of great short films featuring portraits of young people from around the world. The films are:

    The Father's Heart: The stories of two teen fathers in their own words.

    Amar: An extraodinary paperboy from Mumbai.

    Playground Love: A film-maker goes in search of pure, innocent love.

  • Shooting Gallery: Best of Vimeo

    The Best of Vimeo

    This edition features the best drama, documentaries, music videos, fashion films and viral from online video platform, Vimeo. Films include:

    Symmetry: Award-winning poetic, simple reflection on life.

    Manchester Orchestra: The music video that broke the careers for now cult web-directors the Daniels.

    Mulberry Skirt: Award-winning fashion film from British filmmaker Amanda Boyle.

    History of the Title Sequence: A brief history of the most important title sequences of the last 100 years in under three minutes.

    Blinky TM: Award-winning sci-fi narrative film from Irish filmmaker Ruairi Robinson, with Hollywood effects on a shoestring budget.

    Living on Ice: A profile of Ben Saunders as he conquers the North Pole..

    Prie Dieu: Experimental short film winner from Parisian directing duo Achille Coquerel and Thomas Kauffmann.

    Pot Hound: A dogs-eye view of Trinidad from new Carribbean filmmaker Christopher Guinness.

  • The Shooting Gallery: Trans


    A collection of original films about transgender people, brought to you by the UK's first transgender presenter, Paris Lees.

    Films include:

    Me, Doug & Meg: A short documentary by Kip Loades that follows the journey of the film-maker and his friend as 'he' becomes a 'she'.

    Hey Jane: An adapted version of Spiritualized's video 'Hey Jane' about the murder of a transgender person, with transvestite actor James Rose.

    The Boy Who Was Born a Girl: Julia Moon's film follows Jon, a 16-year-old boy who was born a girl, through three months of life-changing treatment as testosterone pushes his female body into male puberty. First shown as part of First Cut.

  • Shooting Gallery: Brave New Worlds

    Brave New Worlds

    This episode explores some brave new worlds with rioting robots in Brixton, a Bafta-award-winning paper animation and stunning work from some of the web's most creative film-makers.

    Robots of Brixton: A Sundance Award-winning short film about robots rioting in Brixton.

    Eagleman Stag: A Bafta-award-winning animation.

    The External World: Award-winning surrealist experimental animation.

    True Skin: A viral web-hit from a DIY film-maker about a dystopian future where body enhancement has gone awry.

    Woodkid: An epic fantasy music video from musician/director Yoanne Lemoine.

    Solipsist: A lush experimental film from one of Björk's favourite filmmakers, Andrew Thomas Huang.

    Pockets: A fast-paced twisted thriller.

  • Shooting Gallery: Aquadettes

    Sporting Life

    This edition features some incredible sporting stories from the world of football, surfing, rodeo boxing and more...

    The Smell of Football: A portrait of Portsmouth FC's biggest fan.

    Scarring the Earth: A lyrical surf film.

    The Roper: A profile of a black calf roper from America's Deep South.

    Fitzroy Lodge: A look at south London's infamous amateur boxing club.

    Aquadettes: Meet the synchronised swimming team, made up of pensioners.

    Panyee FC: A feel-good film about a group of kids who form a football team on a remote Thai island.

    Luminarias: A vivid micro-short about a 500-year-old Spanish sporting ritual.

    Noe Kuremoto: Muay Thai Boxer: A young mixed-race British woman breaks her daily routine by becoming a kickboxer.

  • The Shooting Gallery: A Day in the Life

    A Day in the Life

    This collection of original short films features Fish Supper: An eccentric urban fisherman tries to catch the perfect fish supper from the Thames; A Man Who Delivers: An innovative film about the daily grind for a drug dealer. My Stepdad: A touching portrait of a father seen through the eyes of his six-year-old stepson. And, Thabo: A young man's crisis of faith on the day he returns to South Africa, where the church remains highly homophobic.

  • Shooting Gallery: Last Minutes with Oden

    Eliot Rausch

    A profile of the heartbreaking films of American cult web director Eliot Rausch. His compelling documentary style pries at the emotions and reveals the humanity of his subjects.

    Featuring Last Minutes with Oden: A touching final encounter betweeen one man and his dog; This Kingdom: A poetic manifesto from a young unemployed man from Compton, Los Angeles; What I Have to Offer: A mood piece centrered around a Charlie Kauffman lecture; Find Your Understanding: An Expedia Ad about a father coming to terms with his daughter's single-sex marriage; and Borrowing the Past: An inspirational collage-film.

  • The Shooting Gallery: Ray a Life Underwater

    Real Lives

    This collection of original Shooting Gallery films profiles some fascinating lives across the UK, including David Gillanders' film Dinky Ninja Fight Club, which features a team of Glasgow mixed martial arts fighters. Amanda Bluglass directs an eccentric underwater explorer in Ray: A Life Underwater, and Benedict Campbell directs The Wall of Death, about a travelling family of 'wall of death' riders.

  • The Shooting Gallery


    The Shooting Gallery: China profiles four creative short films centred on modern China.

    The features include:

    Goodbye Shanghai: While embezzling $14 billion from a Chinese bank for the US government, two western bankers grab $15 million in cash for themselves. This short by Adam Christian Clark explores the negative effects of western imperialism on modern Chinese culture. Kitty and LaLa: Qiao Li's documentary profile of Chinese wedding photographers Kitty and Lala, who have become icons of a strange sort in China. Evangelists for individuality, expressiveness and modernity, representing a younger generation of Chinese for whom such values are of increasing importance.

    August 15th: Acclaimed short film from director Jiang Xuan. Based on a true story, a young Chinese woman boards a bus with her boyfriend to head home to meet his parents. What was supposed to be a joyful holiday becomes unpredictable when a pair of countryside crooks hijack their bus. Travelling through China's dangerous mountain passes, the passengers must decide how much they are willing to sacrifice for their own safety.

    Cult Youth: Coco Wang and Mi You's insider's view of Beijing's underground comic-art scene. Combining film and animation, this documentary follows the life and work of five members of the comic group, Cult Youth as they celebrate the benefits of a new shared creativity emerging in urban China.

  • The Shooting Gallery

    Caught on Camera

    A mixture of new original material, award-winning shorts and internet hits focusing on still image and photography.

    Back to the Future: a profile of Argentinian photographer Irina Werning as she travels the world, intricately recreating old childhood photos.

    The Neglected: UNESCO award-winning photographer David Gillanders delivers the harrowing world of child drug addicts from the streets of Odessa, Ukraine.

    In Focus: Blind photographer Pete Eckert demonstrates how visual he is through his work and an unexpected exhibition in New York City.

    Dark Clouds: A rare glimpse of China's industry from Chinese-British photographer Ian Teh, whose still image film shows coal fields and the hidden side of China's miracle economy.

    Caracas: An insightful portrait of the slums of Caracas and the people who inhabit them.

    A Life Alone: A poignant video by New York-based photographer Maisie Crow about Tom Rose, who after 63 years of marriage finds himself living alone.

    The Stolen Scream: Noam Golai posted his personal photos on flickr and then discovered them on T-shirts, international magazine covers, and on Iranian walls as a sign of protest - all without his knowledge.

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