The Shooting Gallery

  • Caught on Camera

    Caught on Camera features seven shorts focusing on still images and photography

  • China

    Four creative short films centred on modern China. Adam Christian Clark's Goodbye Shanghai, Qiao Li's Kitty and LaLa, Jiang Xuan's August 15th and Coco Wang and Mi You's Cult Youth.

  • Adrenaline Rush

    The Shooting Gallery shines a light on action sports short films. Adrenaline Rush looks at Afghanistan's street skaters, award-winning surf films, free-skiing in Sarajevo and more.

  • Real Lives

    Collection of short films from around the UK, featuring a team of Glasgow mixed martial arts fighters, an eccentric underwater explorer, and a travelling family of 'wall of death' riders.

  • Eliot Rausch

    A profile of the heartbreaking films of American cult web director Eliot Rausch. His compelling documentary style pries at the emotions and reveals the humanity of his subjects.

  • A Day in the Life

    This collection of original short films explores the lives of an urban fisherman, drug dealer, superhero and refugee in the space of a day

  • Sporting Life

    This set of original short films features The Smell of Football, Scarring the Earth, The Roper, Fitzroy Lodge, Aquadettes, Panyee FC, Luminaria and Noe Kuremoto: Muay Thai Boxer

  • Brave New Worlds

    This episode explores some brave new worlds with rioting robots in Brixton, a Bafta-award-winning paper animation and stunning work from some of the web's most creative film-makers

  • Trans

    A collection of original films about transgender people, brought to you by the UK's first transgender presenter, Paris Lees

  • The Best of Vimeo

    The best from online video platform Vimeo. Featuring: Symmetry, Manchester Orchestra, Mulberry Skirt, History of the Title Sequence, Blinky TM, Living on Ice, Prie Dieu and Pot Hound.

  • All Right Now

    The films are: The Father's Heart: The stories of two teen fathers in their own words. Amar: An extraordinary paperboy from Mumbai. Playground Love: A film-maker goes in search of pure, innocent love

  • Here Comes the Night

    This edition features original shorts made by the best emerging film-makers from Northern Ireland. Films include: Small Change: A seminal short film from film-maker Cathy Brady

  • Crossing Over

    Crossing Over profiles two outstanding short films from across the UK. Chris Purcell's Why Don't We Do It in the Road, and the award-winning Making of Longbird.

  • Blame the Parents

    Blame the Parents profiles two original new talents from Scotland

  • Death Row

    Four powerful micro-documentaries from British filmmakers Will Francome and Mark Pizzey that profile deeply moving and personal examinations of life after death row

  • This Is Vanity

    A critically acclaimed, deeply moving tale of a mother's struggle to protect her disabled teenage daughter Tyler from repeated attacks at the hands of local bullies

  • The Boy and The Worm

    Two surreal award-winning shorts by some of the UK's most exciting new directing talents. Spencer Brown's film The Boy with a Camera For a Face, and Worm, written by Matthew James Wilkinson.

  • The Noble Art

    The Noble Art of Boxing contains two short features. Ray Winstone stars in Repton Boxing Club with Ryan Pickard, and coming-of-age piece Rabbit Punch stars Ryan McCutcheon and Scott Brown.

  • Modern Tales

    Drone shows a morning in the life of a drone operator, starring Ewen Bremner and Cordelia Bugeja. Two & Two is a dark allegory about the absurdity of tyranny as a maths lesson takes a sinister turn.

  • Lost Art

    The Shooting Gallery continues with The Lost Art project. Nine films tell the stories of some famous pieces of 20th century art that have been lost, stolen, erased or destroyed.

  • The Trouble with Banks

    The Trouble with Banks explores the dark worlds of banking and politics with two new films from upcoming UK directors: Matthew Hammett Knott's On This Island and Nick White's Incorporated

  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin features two films about young men struggling to realise their potential in spite of adversity: Jane Gull's Sunny Boy and James Webber's Driftwood

  • Strays

    Richard Madden and Andrew Hawley star in the thrilling story of small-time thieves, whose love of excess and thrill-seeking threatens to destroy their brotherly bond

  • Ghost Town

    Jamie Robert's film is an affectionate look at Pontefract, West Yorkshire from mining town and birth place of the eponymous cake, into a community with other-worldly preoccupations

  • I Am Here

    Edward Hogg stars in David Holmes's moving short: I Am Here. The second film, Ekki múkk is an award-winning fairy tale with Aidan Gillen

  • New Age

    Four original short films that explore old age in the new age. Featuring 82-year-old punk Viva, Lady of Lambeth, Eighty Eight: 88-year-old banjo man Ralph Settle, and Steamers.