The Sex Inspectors

    • Episode 1 - Mark and Bina

      Sex and relationship experts Tracey Cox and Michael Alvear give some advice to Mark and Bina, who are experiencing problems between the sheets

    • Episode 2 - Pete and Sally

      Pete and Sally have been married less than a year and already their sex life has become a 'once in a blue moon' event. The experts offer advice.

    • Episode 3 - John and Tracey

      Sex and relationship experts Tracey Cox and Michael Alvear help Tracey and her husband-to-be John, whose sex life has ground to a virtual standstill since the birth of their daughter

    • Episode 4 - Andrew and Nicky

      The Sex Inspectors meet Andrew and Nicky, who have been together for four years and have just had their first baby. Their sex life is in the doldrums; can the dynamic duo help?

    • Episode 5 - Charlotte and Jamie

      Committed couple Jamie and Charlotte are trying to recover from the fall-out following Charlotte's revelation that she has never been able to climax during intercourse

    • Episode 6 - Rea and Gary

      Tracey and Michael try and help Rea and Gary, who have found that romance and intimacy have disappeared from their sex life