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Wine expert Olly Smith and local food producers throw a secret supper for 10 mystery guests in unforgettable locations

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Wine expert Olly Smith and local food producers throw a secret supper for 10 mystery guests in unforgettable locations

Series 1 Summary

This new series catches the spirit of the underground communal dining movement by combining great food and wine with the perfect setting. Suppers in which where you eat is as important as what's on the plate.

Each episode, host and wine expert Olly Smith enlists two challenge-hungry food producers to help him plan, prepare and serve a secret supper for 10 mystery guests in a memorable location. All of this to be completed in just two days.

The series takes Olly all across the country, from Yorkshire to Somerset, and west Wales to Kent.

  • starter

    Episode 1

    In the first episode of this brand new series, Olly Smith invites ten unsuspecting guests to supper inside a 19th-century windmill.

    Olly has come to Lincolnshire, where his aim is to create a bold menu that reinvents traditional regional dishes, and then serve it to some of the food producers of the region.

    He persuades goose farmer Richard to make a Lincolnshire sausage from goose instead of pork. And home cook Fiona brings some Italian flair to the local beef. Meanwhile, Olly creates a rich and gooey bread-and-butter pudding from Lincolnshire's famous plum bread.

    After some hurried preparation and planning, they serve a lavish meal, with wines carefully matched to each course.

    The result is a celebration of regional food and the people who make it, with plenty of surprises for all who take part.

  • starter

    Episode 2

    Olly heads for a wintry Forest of Dean and a secret supper in the woods.

    His plan is for an an elegant banquet at a ramshackle hut in the middle of the forest. With no kitchen or power on site there's a huge amount to do, and it all makes for two days of manic activity for Olly and his helpers, Suzi and Julia.

    After finding a good source for the Gloucester Old Spot breed of pig, Olly sets his enthusiastic helpers the task of creating a wood-fired spit-roast, and to make a starter and pudding inspired by the forest theme.

    Olly's main task is to find ten deserving guests, who have no idea what to expect. The menu is carefully planned, with wine to match each course. Delays and setbacks threaten the whole thing but the eventual result is a night to remember.

  • lifeboat_table

    Episode 3

    Olly Smith stages a surprise waterside picnic in a boathouse in North Yorkshire's Malhamdale.

    He recruits farmer Chris and deli owner Dolly to help him create and cook the menu, and turn the bare boathouse into a welcoming dining room. And while they get to work cooking and cleaning, Olly goes on a shoot hoping to bring home the main ingredient - duck.

    Recipes include a warming soup made with Yorkshire chorizo, some stunning duck terrines, and a giant game pie. And there's a surprise for the diners as Olly turns some Yorkshire puddings into a delicious sticky dessert.

  • dining_room

    Episode 4

    Olly stages an apple harvest banquet in an orchard in Somerset's cider country with a twice-baked cheese soufflé on the menu.

    In his meeting with local food producers Olly's overwhelmed by the skill of a Frenchman from Bristol who makes charcuterie, and meets a cheese monger whose nose for flavour rivals his own.

    Other recipes include smoked saddle of rabbit and an orchard apple cake.

  • harbour

    Episode 5

    Olly heads to Cardigan Bay in West Wales in search of the perfect lobster lunch.

    Along the way he's surprised to find Japanese mushrooms and Caribbean jerk sauce among the region's local produce, but manages to incorporate it all into a lavish harbour-side banquet for ten unsuspecting guests.

  • lifeboat-edam

    Episode 6

    Olly Smith lays on an Indian banquet inside the lifeboat station at Dungeness in Kent, building a fish smoker and a tandoori oven to make kedgeree and chicken tikka.

  • Olly-and-veg_B0

    Episode 7

    Olly commandeers a steam train in which to serve a nostalgic meal aboard the Brecon Mountain Railway. It's a menu that features Welsh rarebit, venison Wellington and a Black Forest gateau laced with Welsh whisky.

  • castle-ssc

    Episode 8

    Olly Smith visits the Gower peninsula's dramatic landscape to serve an impromptu banquet inside a ruined castle.

    He discovers an ancient technique for cooking in a hole in the ground and tries it out on the local delicacy - salt marsh lamb.

  • brewery-ssc

    Episode 9

    Wine expert Olly Smith switches to beer as he takes the Secret Supper Club to a brewery in the Peak District.

    His experimental menu, matching food with beer, includes a new twist on pub snacks, a T-bone steak served with parsnip ice cream, and a pudding that comes with a glass of stout.

  • Olly Smith

    Episode 10

    Olly Smith sets a homecoming in the South Downs at a small vineyard, with local speciality banoffee pie on the menu. He asks a baker to build an outdoor bread oven, and the vineyard hosting the meal produces sparkling wine.

    But, a sudden turn in the weather forces a dramatic last minute change of plan.

The Secret Supper Club synopsis

Wine expert Olly Smith and local food producers throw a secret supper for 10 mystery guests in unforgettable locations

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