The Secret Life of Students

  • Episode 1

    Josie's nervous about leaving behind her best friends, Aiden's plan for university is to have fun and get laid, but teetotal Lauren is nervous about the partying element of life on campus

  • Episode 2

    This episode explores how the students cope making new friends and finding love and whether they can maintain long-distance relationships with girlfriends and boyfriends back home

  • Episode 3

    Hassan is a bit of a mummy's boy and an observant Muslim. Brenda, from Tottenham, sends 100 tweets a day. Aiden realises that life after freshers' week isn't the booze-filled party he was expecting.

  • Episode 4

    How do the freshers cope balancing the pressures of living away from home with revising for exams? And how do their social media updates correlate with their real-life experiences?