The Ricky Gervais Show

    • Series 3 Episode 1

      Karl pitches his movie idea - The Wife of Brian. So, an out of work actor called Bryan takes over the body of the dead Tom Cruise to finish Mission Impossible 8.

    • Series 3 Episode 2

      The animated comedy with Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington is back for a third series. In this episode, Ricky finds Karl's views on charity mind-boggling, but hilarious.

    • Series 3 Episode 3

      Karl explains why he'd like to join the army and recounts his most harrowing acts of bravery.

    • Series 3 Episode 4

      Topics include Room 102, based on George Orwell's Room 101 from 1984; an idea for stopping overweight people from eating late-night snacks; and what Karl would take to a desert island.

    • Series 3 Episode 5

      Karl describes a typical day for him, which includes spending time alone working on DIY projects.

    • Series 3 Episode 6

      Ricky, Stephen and Karl share their definitions of what it means to be an Englishman. And Karl explains why, if he wasn't English, he'd rather be Italian.

    • Series 3 Episode 7

      Karl claims not to have any interest in law and order, but he still has strong opinions on noise pollution, and astounds Ricky and Stephen with his views on shoplifting.

    • Series 3 Episode 8

      Topics include Karl's thoughts on medical advancements, sickness and an idea for a machine that would enable physicians to feel their patients' pain.

    • Series 3 Episode 9

      Ricky, Stephen and Karl discuss the origins of the universe and the evolution of creatures other than humans. And Karl talks about the downside of recycling, world travel and restroom encounters.

    • Series 3 Episode 10

      In this show, the guys discuss Ancient Greece and what laws and rules they may have instigated. What would life be like if Karl was made President of Society

    • Series 3 Episode 11

      This episode covers Karl's thoughts on the importance of historic artefacts and how his book will be viewed in the future, the meaning of popular wartime expressions and the life of a soldier's spouse

    • Series 3 Episode 12

      This episode covers Ricky and Stephen watching the World Cup while sharing a hotel bed, over-zealous sports fans, cheating in sports, Ricky's childhood football trial and Karl's saliva production

    • Series 3 Episode 13

      The animated comedy series concludes with Ricky, Stephen and Karl talking about the insect world and condoms. Karl's diary looks at cutting avocados, dating twins and visiting his parents.