The Ricky Gervais Show

    • Series 2 Episode 1

      Karl pitches a bizarre idea for a film and Stephen reads from Karl's diary, sharing his thoughts about Australia and why he hates camping

    • Series 2 Episode 2

      Karl imagines what life would be like if he had a doppelgänger. Ricky poses a logic riddle that Karl has difficulty solving, and Stephen shares some embarrassing travel anecdotes.

    • Series 2 Episode 3

      Ricky teaches Karl some facts about animals, Karl offers a misguided theory about evolution, and Stephen reads from Karl's diary.

    • Series 2 Episode 4

      Karl addresses one of his pet peeves: animals that are treated like people. He also issues a public safety announcement for chameleons, and Stephen reads from his diary.

    • Series 2 Episode 5

      Karl reveals that he once saw a bee have a heart attack. In Karl's diary, Stephen reads a news report that a new sea creature has been discovered.

    • Series 2 Episode 6

      Karl tells the story of having kidney stones and ponders a phenomenon.

    • Series 2 Episode 7

      Stephen recounts his night out at a London club and Karl writes a poem about a bothersome person he once met in hospital. Ricky casts doubt on Karl's story about a monkey toll-operator.

    • Series 2 Episode 8

      Ricky reads some predictions for the future, prompting Karl to share his theories on them.

    • Series 2 Episode 9

      Karl contemplates how many different species are actually needed in the world and whether or not we should keep looking for new forms of life. Later, Ricky tries to redesign the human body.

    • Series 2 Episode 10

      Karl reminisces about an overabundance of breath mints throughout his childhood, and, after years of nursing a childhood leg injury, he visits a massage therapist with dubious credentials

    • Series 2 Episode 11

      After pondering the concept of memory, Ricky and Karl perform a role play where they are the two lobes of Karl's brain and Karl explains why Martians are more advanced than Earthlings.

    • Series 2 Episode 12

      Ricky, Stephen and Karl discuss whether old urinals or sharks in formaldehyde should be considered works of art. Later, Karl defends whistling as a valid form of artistic expression.

    • Series 2 Episode 13

      Ricky and Stephen challenge Karl to describe his ideal version of the world but Karl is suspicious of a perfect life. And Karl explains his snack eating rituals to Ricky and Stephen in the park.