The Welsh School

The following companies and suppliers were used in The Welsh School restoration project...

Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters Ltd

Pecs Ltd providing all the labour and expertise in the renovation project

Travis Perkins - Carmarthen branch

Provided building materials and some sustainable technologies to renovate the building

Jewson - Llandysul branch

Provided building materials to renovate the building

Total Building Control

Provided a building inspector


Provided heating and hot water in a sustainable way

Plumb Center

Supplied plumbing materials including air to air heat pump


Provided photovoltaic panels and display module

Rainwater Harvesting Ltd

Provided rainwater harvesting system and display

W Kingsbury Ltd

Supplied all electrics

Optigreen Limited

Supplied opti-green system, plants etc


Velux supplied the roof windows for the converted school

The Rug House

Supplied the feature rugs in Jayne and Ian's home


Provided technologies for heating and hot water