Series 1 Episode 1
First Broadcast: 1AM Mon 15 October 2007

In April 1945, a British ambulance unit was diverted from frontline battle to handle a crisis behind enemy lines. An outbreak of typhus in a nearby prison camp had prompted a local truce. That camp was Bergen-Belsen. The arriving British thought it would be a straightforward matter but they were utterly unprepared for the scale of the humanitarian catastrophe they faced. 60,000 prisoners living in squalor; deprived of food, clothing and medical supplies for so long that whatever the British tried to do, the shocking daily death-toll continued to spiral ever-upwards.

For four weeks, a team of doctors, nurses and civilian volunteers, without a common language, worked to find a way to save the starving and dying of Belsen. All this while the war was still raging throughout Europe.

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Powerful and moving feature-length drama, which reveals the extraordinary story of one of the most heroic medical relief operations in European history