Series 1 Episode 4
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In the final episode, after listening to misguided housekeeper Ella and believing Anna is having an affair with Patrick, Peter sets off to see the Archdeacon. On his way, he is killed in an accident. At the funeral, the villagers and Anna's friends and family rally round offering support and advice.

To Daniel, Anna confesses that all she feels is relief that Peter is dead. As far as she was concerned, there was no solution to her problematic marriage.

The church, prompted by Marjorie Richardson, offers Anna a house, but, determined to stand on her own feet at last, she refuses all offers of help - an action that Marjorie applauds in an astonishing outburst. Encouraged by Marjorie, Anna takes a teaching job at St Saviours and rents a house for her and the children.

Anna spurns Patrick's renewed and clumsy advances and also turns down a proposal of marriage from Jonathan. Although she loves him, it is her independence she really cherishes now and in a final scene she tells Peter this as she bids him farewell from his graveside.

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