Learn more about the historical and political issues raised in The Promise by visiting the following websites and news articles

Guardian: The Arab-Israeli Conflict

A brief history of the key events and people that shaped the Arab-Israeli conflict

BBC: Middle East Peace Talks

A history of the Mid-East peace talks since 1967

National Archives: The Arab-Israeli Conflict

UK government papers from the on Arab-Israeli conflict, 1915-1979

Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Middle East Peace Process

Information from the government regarding its stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

BBC: Middle East Peace Talks - Where They Stand

An outline of where the Israelis, Palestinians and Americans stand on core issues

Council of Foreign Relations: Crisis Giude

An interactive guide to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict


An international grassroots movement, working to forge consensus for conflict resolution in the Middle East

Foundation For Middle East Peace

A nonprofit organization that promotes peace between Israel and Palestine

Veterans UK

A website that brings together services for veterans and their families

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