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  1. Further Reading

    Further Reading

    Learn more about the historical and political issues raised in The Promise by visiting the following websites and news articles

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  2. Interview: Christian Cooke

    Interview: Christian Cooke

    Most 23-year-old actors are to be found waiting tables or pulling pints. Not Christian.

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  3. Interview: Claire Foy

    Interview: Claire Foy

    Find out why her role as Erin in The Promise had the biggest impact on Claire Foy

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  4. The Promise: Political History

    The Promise: Political History

    Read a brief overview of the political history of Israel and Palestine by Lindsey Hillsum, International Editor for Channel 4 News

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  5. Peter Kosminsky on The Promise

    Peter Kosminsky on The Promise

    Writer and Director of The Promise talks to us about the show

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  6. Peter Kosminsky: Episode 1 Q&A

    Peter Kosminsky: Episode 1 Q&A

    In February 2011, Channel 4 hosted the first of two online Q&As with the writer and director of The Promise, Peter Kosminsky

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  7. Peter Kosminsky: Episode 4 Q&A

    Peter Kosminsky: Episode 4 Q&A

    In February 2011 Channel 4 hosted the second of two online chats with Peter Kosminsky, the writer and director of The Promise.

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The Promise synopsis

Claire Foy and Christian Cooke star in Peter Kosminsky's four-part drama serial. Eighteen-year-old Erin sets out on an emotional journey when she retraces her grandfather's footsteps.

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