The Princess and the Gangster

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Princess Margaret and John Bindon

Mustique was Princess Margaret's Caribbean retreat where she went to relax, unwind and be entertained - all away from the disapproving gaze of the British establishment. She was holidaying there in 1974 after her affair with Roddy Llewellyn - a man 17 years her junior - had stalled.

Also holidaying on the island was Dana Gillespie, an upper-class girl with a talent for singing and acting, who had invited an actor friend, John Bindon, to join her that year. From far more humble origins, John 'Biffo' Bindon had appeared in several landmark British movies of the late 60s and early 70s, including Poor Cow, Performance and Get Carter.

But as well as being an actor, Bindon was also a violent gangland criminal. He had grown up in the post-war slums of Fulham and throughout the 60s he had served prison sentences for assault and living off the earnings of a prostitute.

After their first lunch on Mustique, the villain from Fulham had made a deep impression on Princess Margaret, and the holiday meeting was only the beginning of his relationship with the Queen's sister.

Bindon and Margaret's continued association eventually drew attention from the press. British security services stepped in when Bindon started talking to journalists, and according to Bindon, he was told he would have to keep quiet about his involvement with the Princess. But when Bindon was involved in a highly publicised murder case, the stakes got higher.

The Princess and the Gangster synopsis

She was a princess, at one time second in line to the throne. He was one of London's most notorious criminals. Together, they created one of the biggest hidden scandals in royal history.

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