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The Negotiator

F Gary Gray's action-thriller stars Samuel L Jackson and Kevin Spacey. When police hostage negotiator Danny Roman (Jackson) unwittingly gets involved in a colleague's attempt to expose financial fraud within the force he quickly finds himself in very deep water.

When his colleague is found shot dead, and the embezzlement is pinned on him, Roman snaps and takes a surprising course of action. In an effort to buy himself time to prove his innocence he takes hostage a number of people in the Internal Affairs Department, including his chief accuser, Terence Niebaum (J T Walsh).

Roman's next step is to demand the presence of Chris Sabian (Spacey), a fellow hostage negotiator who works on the other side of the city, and so, Roman hopes, is unconnected to the plot to frame him.

But can such a reckless strategy have any chance of paying off?

Also starring David Morse, Siobhan Fallon and Paul Giamatti.

(1998) Cert: 15

The Negotiator synopsis

Samuel L Jackson stars as a hostage negotiator who is forced to take an unconventional approach to avoid being set up by a corrupt police force

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