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The Murder Workers

This insightful film explores a side of murder that most people know very little about.

It follows members of Victim Support's National Homicide Team as they work closely with families who have been bereaved by murder or manslaughter.

The murder workers offer practical and emotional support for families at different stages of bereavement, from the initial shock to starting to rebuild their lives.

The families are often thrown into a world of police investigations and forced to navigate the confusing world of the criminal system, and it's the murder workers' responsibility to guide them through this difficult time.

When others don't know what to say or how they can help, the murder workers step in to help with funeral arrangements, apply for compensation, seek specialist help, close down bank accounts, cancel booked holidays or be there when their homes are turned into crime scenes; and importantly, they are a shoulder to cry on.

They are there to fight the family's corner and whether it's humour or a hug that's required, they know the right thing to say, with an extraordinary capacity to go into the unknown and alleviate some of the stress put on the families.

This powerful, fascinating film goes behind the headlines to observe the extraordinary strength needed to fight, survive and heal the traumatic events of a murder, seen through the eyes of the murder workers.

The Murder Workers synopsis

A powerful Cutting Edge film following members of Victim Support's National Homicide Team as they work closely with families who've been bereaved by murder or manslaughter

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