Series 1 Episode 1
First Broadcast: 12AM Tue 25 March 2014

Every year, more than 2000 people go missing and never return. This powerful, moving First Cut documentary follows the extraordinary stories of three families struggling to cope with the disappearance of a loved one who has vanished without a trace.

A brother, a husband and a mother have gone missing: three dramatic, mysterious and out-of-character disappearances that have left police detectives scratching their heads.

The families left behind have been plunged into limbo, unable to move forward with their lives in the absence of evidence, answers or closure.

The programme explores how hope is driving them to extraordinary lengths as they try to bring their missing loved ones home.

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    1. The MIssing - Clip 2 This video is a clip The MIssing - Clip 2 Video duration: 1:40 minutes

      Steve is searching for his missing brother, Mark, and thinks he sees him at every turn Watch The Missing The Missing
    2. The Missing - Clip 1 This video is a intro The Missing - Clip 1 Video duration: 1:03 minutes

      Every year thousands of people go missing. Around 2,000 never come back... Watch The Missing The Missing

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Powerful documentary following the stories of three families struggling to cope with relatives disappearing, exploring the lengths they're going to as they try to find them