The Mindy Project

    • Episode 1 - All My Problems Solved Forever...

      Mindy and Casey are adjusting to their new life in Haiti, but their time together is cut short when Mindy falls ill and is airlifted back to New York for emergency surgery

    • Episode 2 - The Other Dr. L

      Mindy adjusts to her long-distance relationship with Casey, but can't come to terms with the fact that she is no longer the only Dr L at Shulman & Associates

    • Episode 3 - Music Festival

      Casey has an identity crisis and thinks his new calling is to work as a disc jockey. When he performs at a music festival, Mindy comes to watch him, but the heady surroundings lead to disaster.

    • Episode 4 - Magic Morgan

      According to Morgan, anyone who sleeps with him will find the love of their life immediately afterward

    • Episode 5 - Wiener Night

      Mindy hits it off with an arts journalist named Jason, but he reveals a snobbish side to his personality when he begins to suspect that she is too mainstream for his taste

    • Episode 6 - Bro Club for Dudes

      Mindy does her best to get to know Peter but he resists all her attempts to bond, so she joins Danny, Jeremy and Morgan on an outing to support him when he takes part in an ultimate fighting contest

    • Episode 7 - Sk8er Man

      Danny tells Mindy that she's too picky and judgmental about other people, so she makes it her mission to prove him wrong, and goes on a date with her opposite, wild and crazy skateboarder Graham

    • Episode 8 - You've Got Sext

      When Mindy tells Danny she has a crush, he thinks she's talking about him instead of lawyer Cliff

    • Episode 9 - Mindy Lahiri Is a Racist

      One of Danny's patients is a blogger who writes about Shulman & Associates on her website, but she turns out to be a white supremacist who is painting the practice in a racist light

    • Episode 10 - Wedding Crushers

      Mindy's cheating ex-boyfriend Josh invites her to his wedding. In a panic about finding a date for the event, she hastily decides to take Peter, who is a hit with everyone until he makes a blunder.

    • Episode 11 - Christmas Party Sex Trap

      Mindy plans an office Christmas party for every company in the building so that she can catch the romantic attention of lawyer Cliff. But things don't go Mindy's way on the night.

    • Episode 12 - Danny Castellano Is My Personal Trainer

      Desperate to get into the best shape possible before a weekend away with Cliff in which she will have to wear a bikini, Mindy asks Danny to become her personal trainer

    • Episode 13 - LA

      Jeremy sends Mindy, Danny, Peter and Morgan to Los Angeles to attend a conference to become certified to administer cosmetic injections

    • Episode 14 - The Desert

      After Cliff breaks up with Mindy by phone because she lied about seeing Casey in Los Angeles, she becomes determined to win him back

    • Episode 15 - French Me, You Idiot

      Mindy and Danny confront the consequences of their kiss and wonder where to go next with their relationship. But the situation is made more complicated by Cliff's change of heart about Mindy.

    • Episode 16 - Indian BBW

      Mindy discovers an embarrassing video of herself and her ex-boyfriend Tom is floating around on the internet and grows terrified Danny will find out about it

    • Episode 17 - Be Cool

      Mindy and Danny try their hand at dating, but soon discover that redefining their relationship isn't as easy as they thought it would be

    • Episode 18 - Girl Crush

      As Mindy and Danny attempt to move on, Mindy begins to idolise high-profile doctor Sheila Hamilton, who tries to poach her from the practice

    • Episode 19 - Think Like a Peter

      Peter encourages Mindy to think more like a man when dealing with her various dates and romantic dilemmas. To test his advice they head out to a bar.

    • Episode 20 - An Officer and a Gynecologist

      Mindy has a run-in with the law when a surly police officer admonishes her for prescribing his teenage daughter birth control pills

    • Episode 21 - The Girl Next Door

      Danny offers Mindy the chance to buy the other flat that he owns in his building but gets jealous when she begins dating police officer Charlie

    • Episode 22 - Danny and Mindy

      Mindy thinks she's met the man of her dreams after he writes up a description of the flirtatious glances they exchanged on the subway in a New York newspaper