The Mindy Project

    • Episode 1 - Pilot

      Mindy makes a drunken toast at her ex-boyfriend's wedding, and resolves to turn her life around. She becomes determined to become a well-rounded, perfect woman who can meet and date the perfect guy.

    • Episode 2 - Hiring and Firing

      Mindy must recruit a new nurse, and offers the job to a reformed ex-prisoner. Meanwhile, Jeremy employs his talent for ending relationships when he has to fire an inefficient health-care professional.

    • Episode 3 - In the Club

      During a staff outing to a nightclub organised by Shauna, Mindy meets a handsome lawyer who represents the New York Knicks basketball team

    • Episode 4 - Halloween

      Mindy searches for the right costume to impress Josh when he invites her to a prestigious Halloween party, while Danny and Jeremy take their driving tests.

    • Episode 5 - Danny Castellano Is My Gynecologist

      Mindy asks Danny to be her new gynaecologist, but as the time for her first physical examination approaches, neither of them will admit that they feel too uncomfortable to go ahead

    • Episode 6 - Thanksgiving

      Mindy and Morgan cook Thanksgiving dinner at Gwen's house. Danny spends the holiday alone at the office, while Jeremy meets Betsy's eccentric family.

    • Episode 7 - Teen Patient

      Mindy is hesitant when her teenage neighbour Sophia asks for contraception. She decides to meet Sophia's new boyfriend Henry before writing a prescription.

    • Episode 8 - Two to One

      When Dr Shulman retires unexpectedly, Mindy, Danny and Jeremy are forced to make all the day-to-day decisions at the practice

    • Episode 9 - Josh and Mindy's Christmas Party

      Keen for her workmates to meet Josh at last, Mindy volunteers to host the office Christmas party at her flat

    • Episode 10 - Mindy's Brother

      Mindy's younger brother pays her a visit and throws her into a panic when he announces that he's leaving college to embark on a new career as a rapper

    • Episode 11 - Bunk Bed

      Mindy invites Gwen and her daughter Riley to her flat for a sleepover, but when Riley demands a bunk bed to sleep in, Mindy needs Morgan and Danny's help to assemble it

    • Episode 12 - Hooking Up Is Hard

      After Jeremy advises Mindy to have a more adventurous sex life, she tries to set up a one-night stand with Brendan, the midwife who attempted to lure all the patients away from her practice.

    • Episode 13 - Harry & Sally

      When Mindy encounters university lecturer Jamie at a party, she thinks she's finally met the perfect man, but she soon notices that he's a little too close to his female best friend.

    • Episode 14 - Harry & Mindy

      Mindy tries to put some distance between her new boyfriend Jamie and his clingy best friend Lucy by setting Lucy up on a Valentine's Day date with Danny

    • Episode 15 - Mindy's Minute

      When Mindy is asked to host a medical segment on the local news she turns to Maria Menounos for help. Beverly struggles to cope with modern culture and technology when she returns to work.

    • Episode 16 - The One That Got Away

      Mindy gets back in touch with an old crush from her teenage years, Sam, guest star Seth Rogen

    • Episode 17 - Mindy's Birthday

      Mindy's colleagues set up a fake blind date to lure her to a surprise party for her birthday. But the guest list is not a success and the gifts make her feel like a loser in love.

    • Episode 18 - Danny's Friend

      When Danny is caught giving medical treatment and painkillers to his old friend Stevie, who isn't a patient at the practice, Mindy and Jeremy worry that the business could get into trouble

    • Episode 19 - My Cool Christian Boyfriend

      Mindy starts dating Casey, a handsome young minister, but he soon comes to the conclusion that she is living a selfish and superficial life

    • Episode 20 - Pretty Man

      During a lively night out in a bar, Mindy meets Adam, a handsome young man who aspires to be a singer and songwriter but earns a living by working as a prostitute

    • Episode 21 - Santa Fe

      Mindy and her colleagues are busy preparing to attend a medical conference in Santa Fe. Mindy's ex-boyfriend Josh, who is now living there, calls and begs her to meet up with him.

    • Episode 22 - Triathlon

      Danny's ex-wife - guest star Chloe Sevigny - returns - having read a letter he hadn't meant for her to see - and tells him that she wants to make things work between them

    • Episode 23 - Frat Party

      Mindy is shocked and upset when Casey announces that he is going to work in Haiti for a year. Meanwhile, Jeremy and Danny attempt to lure Morgan away from his new employers and back to their practice.

    • Episode 24 - Take Me with You

      Mindy makes a spur-of-the-moment decision to accompany Casey on his volunteer mission to Haiti