Play along with the show for free.

And unlock a new game mode, where you can play any time.

Fans of the Million Pound Drop, listen up! Now you can play along live wherever you are, on your mobile device. Or put yourself in the contestants' shoes and see if you can beat the drop - any time you like - with the all new single player game. The app is available now on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android devices.

The app is free to download and it's free to play along with the show. Theres also a new Play Anytime game mode, which puts you in the show's driving seat, letting you play through games like the contestants do: picking categories and battling 8 rounds of questions to win a virtual million.

The Play Anytime game comes with more than 700 questions and is free on Android (with adverts). You can also buy specialist question packs, on subjects like music, sport and films, for 69p. Buying a pack removes ads.

On iOS, Play Anytime costs £1.49 (with no ads) and you can also buy the same fantastic question packs, as above.

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Play Along

Prove you can do better than the TV contestants by answering the same questions live as the show plays out. Move your money onto the trapdoors, but remember - you must always keep one drop clear. How much cash can you keep hold of? Connect with Facebook to compete against friends and others, and share your score on Facebook or Twitter to show off your skills. At the end of the game, you can apply to become a contestant on the live TV show!

Play Any Time

Brand new single player game, packed with over 700 questions, written by the same team who create the questions for the live TV show. Choose to play with all your questions at once, or pit your wits against specialist packs, which are available for 69p.


Gather achievements as you play through the game and share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Every question pack comes with a new set of achievements to master. Can you collect them all? Connect with Apple's Game Center and see how well you're doing against other players.

News and Notifications

Choose to receive push notifications and the app will remind you when it's time to play along live with the show. Visit the news section to see all the latest news about the show, what's new and what's coming next in the app.

get the game on iOS

get the game on Android

get the game on Amazon AppStore (Kindle Fire)