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    The Mill: What's Changed? Migrants

    When economic migrants arrived at Quarry Bank from the poor south, local fear for jobs made life difficult for the new arrivals. We meet Tamuna to find out what's changed for a modern migrant.

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    The Mill: What's Changed? Production

    UK cotton production is a fraction of its 1830s peak, where hours were long and the work incredibly hard. We meet Alex, a 2014 cotton worker, to find out what's changed.

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    The Mill: What's Changed? Vote

    In 1832, the right to vote was reserved for upper middle class men. It wasn't until 1969 that men and women over 18 could vote. Yet, in the last general election, under 50% of 18 to24s voted. We ask why.

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    The Mill: What's Changed? Benefits

    In the 1830s, government concern over the cost of welfare meant those in poverty had no choice but to enter the poor-house. We meet Emmanuella, whose escape from homelessness and re-entry into education was aided by housing benefit.

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    The Mill: What's Changed? Strike

    The 1842 general strike saw over 500,000 walk out of private industry, but, in 2014, a strike is more likely to affect services. We meet 26year-old firefighter Tom to find out why he's on strike.

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    The Mill: What's Changed? Protest

    How has our right and ability to protest changed since the 1830s? We meet Shelly, a university student on a mission to protect working people's rights.