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The Last Mimzy

Chris O'Neil and Rhiannon Leigh Wryn star as siblings Noah and Emma Wilder in Bob Shaye's intelligent family sci-fi adventure drama that doesn't talk down to children.

While staying at their family beach house near Seattle, the two find a box of things that look like toys, but prove to be far more mysterious.

Sent back in time, the 'toys' are trying to pass on a message about the future. And the more Noah and Emma play with the objects from the box, the more their intelligence grows.

But one day Noah lines up the toys and accidentally activates a powerful force that creates a state-wide blackout.

With her family under arrest by the FBI, Emma must make sense of the messages Mimzy, the toy rabbit, has been telepathically communicating to her.

Also starring Joely Richardson and Timothy Hutton.

(2007) PG

The Last Mimzy synopsis

Two Seattle children discover a magic box whose contents bestow remarkable powers upon them

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