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Expert gardener Matthew Wilson helps couples design and create bold and beautiful gardens

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Expert gardener Matthew Wilson helps couples design and create bold and beautiful gardens

Series 1 Summary

Six couples have ambitious plans to design and create spectacular landscaped gardens. In this new series expert landscape gardener Matthew Wilson follows the couples as they strive to bring their visions to life.

But forget potting pansies, or worrying about hanging baskets, this is no ordinary gardening programme, this is enterprising and challenging gardening unlike anything seen on television before, involving excavating lakes, digging canyons and planting woodlands to create the grandest of landscapes.

Each episode follows a different project in Devon, Essex, Suffolk, Guernsey, Sussex and Wales. Matthew spends a year alongside each couple battling nature through all four seasons to help them achieve their dreams.

Matthew Wilson is the Creative Director of the Royal Horticultural Society, and has over 20 years experience as designer and curator at some of the most important gardens in the UK.

  • The Landscape Man

    Episode 1

    Matthew follows the story of plant lovers Keith and Ros Wiley as they work all by themselves to create their grand and extraordinary vision in a four-acre field in Devon.

    They carve canyons, build a Mexican style courtyard, and they even dig a new lake, but they also face a heroic battle against time, money and nature to create one of the most ambitious and stunning new gardens in Britain.

  • The Landscape Man

    Episode 2

    Jason and Demetra Lindsay battle against winter snow, a tiny budget, and acres of brambles to restore the grounds of their 900 year old castle in Essex to their former glory.

    With lakes to dredge, ponds to dig, lawns and beds to lay, and thousands of flowers and shrubs to plant, Matthew rolls up his sleeves and mucks in to help them bring back some magic to this beautiful, but neglected historic landscape.

  • The Landscape Man

    Episode 3

    Clive and Debbie want the best garden in Suffolk. They've got a top designer, big budget and lots of determination, but will perfectionist Clive see his dreams come true?

    Clive and Debbie Morris have grand ambitions with a big budget to match. They even want to bring an award-winning garden design back from the Chelsea Flower Show to utilise within their own 25 acre plot. But will their goal of making the best, prize-winning landscape possible elude them?

  • The Landscape Man

    Episode 4

    In Guernsey, Matthew helps Ed and Vanessa's bid to tame a wild cliff top landscape.

    Ed and Vanessa Adams want to turn their overgrown cliff top plot into a beautiful outdoor space for the whole family. But it won't be easy, as the area is an impenetrable jungle of brambles and bracken.

    One of them wants to take nature on. The other wants to save it all. Will they be able to bring these two ideals together to create the landscape of their dreams?

  • The Landscape Man

    Episode 5

    Matthew meets Anne and Geoff Shaw, who want to bring their overgrown and wrecked garden in Sussex into the 21st Century.

    With the help of a bold designer they're bringing a modern vision to an area of outstanding natural beauty, complete with sunken gardens, tennis court and pool complex. But they face planning nightmares, financial crisis and heartache as they struggle to create their dream landscape.

  • The Landscape Man

    Episode 6

    Sarah and Trevor Woods have decided to turn their back on town life for the wildness of a remote corner of Wales, where they hope to transform a five acre plot into an idyllic garden and farm and live off the land.

    What they didn't bank on however was having to endure the coldest winter for 12 years, while living in a caravan. With virtually no money and little experience they must battle the elements to try to create a functional, but beautiful, natural-looking landscape.

    Matthew is there to try to guide them through the process and to help them create a beautiful farmyard.

The Landscape Man synopsis

Expert gardener Matthew Wilson helps couples design and create bold and beautiful gardens

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