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Episode 8 (Monday)

Joe McElderry wins! Joe said “I have had an absolute blast. We’ve had so much fun.”

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Watch Joe's best bits:

Joe's winning jump from the K40

Joe's first jump in the final

Joe's speed ski training

Joe's jump off to replace Henry in ep 3

Joe the Champion!

With Marcus and Steve withdrawing due to injury from the ski cross, Joe and Donal went head to head in the final. Joe decided to go for it and take on the jump the competitors have nicknamed ‘Daddy Bear’ to win the competition: the K40. He landed perfectly at a distance of 17.5m. Joe said “I’m just glad I’m down on firm solid ground.”

Donal once again chose the middle (K24) jump. After psyching himself up at the top, he jumped 13.5m

More video clips from the final episode:

Watch Steve explain his withdrawal from the final

Watch Donal in action for the ski cross

Watch Marcus take a fall

Episode 7 (Sunday)

Ritchie takes a tumble

Speed skiing and competitive slalom. Anthea, Donal and Ritchie all faced the jump, with Donal remaining in the competition.

Speed ski times:

1. Sir Steve Redgrave – 114.17kph

2. Marcus Brigstocke – 111.56kph

3. Joe McElderry – 111.01kph

4. Donal MacIntyre – 110.33kph

5. Ritchie Neville – 110.23kph

6. Anthea Turner – 108.83kph

Speed ski training video clips:

Watch Joe

Watch Ritchie

Watch Marcus

Watch Donal

Episode 6 (Friday)

The celebs went speed skating. Four of them did the live ski jump, including Sir Steve who couldn't participate in the speed skating due to a hand injury. Well done for tackling the jump though, Steve!

We said goodbye to Kimberly who fell foul on the ski jump and is therefore out of the competition. The other two jumpers were Anthea (13m) and Ritchie (11.5m). Sir Steve jumped 9m.

Watch Kimberly jump

Watch the celebs in training for speed skating

Episode 5 (Thursday)

Laura Hamilton
Laura about to take off

Donal and Laura came bottom of the bobsleigh (Donal failed to even get in his!). Donal won the jump and stays in the competition.

Watch Donal's ski jump

Watch Laura's ski jump

From tonight onwards, the small (K15) jump is no longer an option for the competitors, so it’s the middle (K24) and biggest (K40) jumps they must take on going forward if they want to make it to Monday night’s final.

Watch the group in bobsleigh training

Laura talks about training for The Jump

Sir Steve was not at tonight’s show after he took his first fall. While attacking the ski cross course in training, he was wiped out and badly winded. He's been to hospital for a precautionary check up and missed tonight’s show. After some rest, all being well he will be back tomorrow night.

Results from the Bobsleigh

1. Sir Steve Redgrave – 58.46 seconds

2. Kimberly Wyatt – 59.56 seconds

3. Ritchie Neville – 59.66 seconds

4. Joe McElderry – 59.87 seconds

5. Marcus Brigstocke – 59.88 seconds

6. Anthea Turner – 1.00.24 minute

7. Laura Hamilton – 1.00.25 minute

8. Donal MacIntyre – DQ

Episode 4 (Wednesday)

Sinitta and Anthea compete in the live ski jump, having come bottom of the Women's Slalom Event.

I can do it!

Anthea jumped 11m from the middle jump (K24), Sinitta jumped 9.5m (from K15).

Results from the Women's Giant Slalom:

1. Kimberly Wyatt –53.44 seconds

2. Laura Hamilton – 55.70

3. Anthea Turner – 56.14

4. Sinitta – 1.00

Watch the competitors in group training for the slalom

Watch Melinda in training

Watch Kimberly in training

Melinda out; Donal in

After weeks of training for The Jump Melinda Messenger has had to pull out of the competition after suffering from concussion following bobsleigh training a few days ago. It had been hoped that she would recover quickly enough to continue in the show but as she hasn’t been able to train on medical advice so she sadly had to withdraw.

After missing out on a place in the show last night to Joe McElderry, who replaced Henry Conway, investigative journalist Donal MacIntyre will now join the line up and take Melinda’s place. Donal said “I'm tremendously excited about joining the show; it's my most dangerous mission yet!” He will compete from tomorrow night’s show onwards.

Episode 3 (Tuesday)

At the end of ep 3, Sir Steve Redgrave competed against Darren Gough in the live ski jump, as both came bottom in the Men's Skeleton.

Sir Steve
Steve about to jump

Sir Steve triumphed (with the longest ski jump so far...) and stays in the series. Steve chose the middle K24 jump.

Henry Conway is now out of The Jump, having suffered an injury in training for the skeleton. He's replaced by Joe McElderry.

Investigative journalist Donal MacIntyre competed with Joe to see who could jump furthest at the start of the show to join the line-up, both taking on the middle jump (K24). Joe jumped 15m, the biggest jump of the series so far, to secure his place in the competition..

Watch Joe's ski jump

Watch Steve's ski jump

Watch Darren's ski jump

Watch the competitors in training for the skeleton

Results of the Men's Skeleton

1. Ritchie Neville - 44.814 seconds

2. Marcus Brigstocke - 45.246 seconds

3. Sir Steve Redgrave - 45.786 seconds

4. Darren Gough - 47.418 seconds

Episode 2 (Monday)

Amy and Sinitta came bottom of the Women's Skeleton. Sinitta remains in the series, as Amy refused to jump.

Watch Sinitta's ski jump

Watch Amy's moment of indecision

Results of the Women's Skeleton

1. Kimberly – 44.180 seconds

2. Melinda – 44.604 seconds

3. Laura – 45. 369 seconds

4. Anthea 45.413 seconds

5. Amy - 45.705 seconds

6. Sinitta – 45.951 seconds

Episode 1 (Sunday)

Ritchie and Nicky came bottom of the Men's Slalom. Ritchie beat Nicky in the ski jump and so continues in the events.

Watch Ritchie's ski jump

Watch Nicky's ski jump

Watch the competitors in training for the slalom

Results of the Men's Giant Slalom

1. Sir Steve Redgrave - 39.3 seconds

2. Darren Gough – 44.75 seconds

3. Henry Conway – 47.77 seconds

4. Nicky Clarke OBE – 53.21 seconds

5. Ritchie Neville – 54.79 seconds

The Jump synopsis

Twelve famous faces take on some of the most challenging and dangerous winter sports as they bid to become crowned champion of The Jump

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