Technology expert Maurice Moss is nothing short of a genius, capable of amazing feats of invention. He can also be trusted to remember important phone numbers.

Moss lives with his mum, who also dresses him, styles his hair and buys his clothes. She also keeps close tabs on him via phone and (to Moss's particular dismay) the social networking site, Friendface.

Moss is highly intelligent, scared of spiders and has the social skills of Gollum's less outgoing cousin.

His quantum of understanding of women comes entirely from his mum and Jen. Oh, and Lara Croft. However, his talent for technological innovation is extraordinary - ranging from adjusting the vibration settings on mobile phones (to levels that challenge the established laws of physics) to creating the perfect bra (save for a small overheating problem).

Moss is highly organised, far more so than Roy - even going so far as to 'put the fire with the rest of the fire' - now that's tidy. Moss is certainly no time-waster, but he shows remarkable patience at Jen's hysteria, Roy's grumpiness, and the grammatical errors of cannibalistic Germans.