The IT Crowd

In the very first episode, new recruit Jen is appointed head of the IT department, but her staff Moss and Roy soon discover that she knows nothing about computers

First shown: 3 Feb 2006 Adult humour This programme is subtitled This programme is audio described


'Ploppers'? Nope. 'Motherflipping Gun'? Nope. So what have we included in this ludicrous display of humour from Moss? Head thisaway...

  • Roy Trenneman

    Smiling face of the IT Department with a love of comic books

  • Jen Barber

    Line manager Jen is Roy and Moss's agony aunt and life guru

  • Maurice Moss

    Nothing short of a genius, capable of amazing feats of invention

  • Douglas Reynholm

    Inherited Reynholm Industries after his father's demise


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Play the Game

Assist Jen, Moss and Roy in protecting Reynholm Industries from hordes of electronic nasties


The actress who plays Jen (and knows as little about computers)