The Island with Bear Grylls

    • Series 4 Episode 3

      With the old and young living side by side, the group hope to hit their stride. But hunger and frayed tempers lead to bust-ups as the islanders turn on one of their own.

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      Series 4 Episode 2

      The young group's campsite turns into a swamp in the rain. They join up with the olders, but immediately there's a row. Freddie kills a snake. And Kaggy goes on a wild turkey hunt.

      Strong language, some adult content and the slaughter of animals for foodThis episode is subtitled47 mins
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      Series 4 Episode 1

      The older group land well, finding a place to set up camp and starting a fire with ease. On the neighbouring island, the younger team are lost in the jungle and not doing so great.

      Strong language throughoutThis episode is subtitled47 mins