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  1. S3-Ep6: Music

    S3-Ep6: Music

    The final episode - what did we hear as we said goodbye?

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  2. S3-Ep5: Music

    S3-Ep5: Music

    Will has been left Home Alone. Time to turn the stereo up

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  3. S3-Ep4: Music

    S3-Ep4: Music

    ROAD TRIP! Who's supplying the tunes?

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  4. S3-Ep3: Music

    S3-Ep3: Music

    Music to watch girl problems by

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  5. S3-Ep2: Music

    S3-Ep2: Music

    The soundtrack to the boy's first ever gig

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  6. S3-Ep1: Music

    S3-Ep1: Music

    Which tunes had the lads prancing down the catwalk?

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  7. S2-Ep6: Music

    S2-Ep6: Music

    It's exam time - but everyone is distracted

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  8. S2-Ep5: Music

    S2-Ep5: Music

    What were those banging tunes blasting out of the Old Peoples Home?

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  9. S2-Ep4: Music

    S2-Ep4: Music

    A night out in London proves to be too much for the boys

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  10. S2-Ep3: Music

    S2-Ep3: Music

    A saucy French exchange student ruins everyone's lives

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The Inbetweeners synopsis

Sitcom about a bunch of middle-class adolescent lads. Welcome to a world of futile crushes, sibling brawls, getting drunk too quickly and casting constant aspersions about your friends' sexuality...

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