The Inbetweeners USA

  • Episode 1 - Pilot

    On his first day of classes, the Vice Principal of Will Mackenzie's new high school, Mr Gilbert, assigns Jay, Neil and Simon, three social 'inbetweeners', to show him around

  • Episode 2 - Sunshine Mountain

    When Simon gets his driver's licence, the guys can't wait to cruise around looking cool in his new car, but the vehicle doesn't live up to expectations

  • Episode 3 - Club Code

    The guys make another failed attempt to increase their social standing by trying to buy alcohol at the local bowling alley, without success

  • Episode 4 - The Wrong Box

    Will decides to sign up for a club or activity, and while researching which one to join he meets his dream girl, the beautiful and intelligent Charlotte, but his efforts spark some unwelcome attention

  • Episode 5 - The Masters

    Simon enlists Will to caddy for him in a golf game against his father that has $100 at stake. However, when Simon's competitive side comes out, he storms off the green and Will has to take his place.

  • Episode 6 - Class Clown

    Carly and her family have to stay at Simon's house while their home is fumigated, so the guys rally round to help Simon give his childish bedroom a makeover before her arrival

  • Episode 7 - Crystal Springs

    In an attempt to get over Carly, Simon tags along with the rest of the gang to stay with Jay's family at a campsite, a holiday Jay promises will present ample opportunities to meet attractive girls

  • Episode 8 - The Field Trip

    The guys go on an overnight field trip to an American Civil War battlefield. On the bus journey, Will meets a cute new girl, Lauren, but struggles to overcome his travel sickness.

  • Episode 9 - Fire!

    When Will is accused of starting a fire in a school litter bin, he is forced to make enquiries to locate the real culprit to clear his name of arson

  • Episode 10 - Reading Gives You Wings

    Simon does his best to cure Lauren of her shoplifting habit, and the school library is reopened after getting a renovation sponsored by an energy drink

  • Episode 11 - Spa Time

    Samantha tells Will he has to lose his virginity to stand any chance of going out with her. The friends visit a spa, funded by an all-day pass from Will's mother, but Simon is unable to relax...

  • Episode 12 - The Dance

    As chairman of the homecoming dance committee, Will wants everything perfect to impress Samantha. He asks the guys to help, but they're distracted by the search for the perfect dinner jacket.