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Idiot Show host Russell Kane

The Idiot Awards is a spoof awards show that celebrates and honours the good old-fashioned idiot.

Presenter Russell Kane rewards stupid behaviour of celebrity and civilian idiots alike in fiercely fought categories such as 'most idiotic reality show moment' and 'idiotic airport meltdown'.

Russell hosts the awards ceremony in typically witty and irreverent style while also interacting with studio guests including Jodie Marsh, Sian Lloyd and Michelle Bass. The show is choc-full of hilarious clips of celebrities and non-celebrities doing the most stupid and pointless things.

As well as reliving some of the greatest idiotic moments ever, the programme attempts to present an Idiot Award to some of the lucky winners and bestow a lifetime achievement award on one almighty Idiot.

The Idiot Awards synopsis

Russell Kane hosts an awards ceremony celebrating the best idiotic behaviour of celebrities and civilians alike

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