Series 1 Episode 1
First Broadcast: 8.30PM Mon 7 January 2013

Pensioner Clwyd Davies harbours a compulsion to hoard horses. Squatting in a derelict farmhouse without heating, electricity or warm water, he dedicates his every waking moment to caring for the 52 untamed horses he has collected, and in some cases bred.

Forgoing the most rudimentary comforts of modern living, Clwyd, who's 68, maintains an extraordinary existence; not in the remote countryside, but on a housing estate on the edge of Wrexham, where his eccentricities appear to make him invisible to his neighbours.

His is a tale of just one outsider, the likes of which exist in almost every British town. No one knows who they are and why they lead such isolated lives, and usually no one bothers to find out.

For Clwyd, there is one exception: Michelle Crowther, who's 44, runs a livery stables and also rescues horses. She has struck up a friendship with Clwyd, recognising a kindred spirit in his devotion to his horses.

Despite Clwyd's evident affinity with the horses, Michelle has recognised that he is struggling to care for both the horses and himself, so she begins to help him.

But Clwyd discovers someone else has taken an interest: he has been anonymously reported to the RSPCA for neglect and cruelty to animals. He faces having his horses removed, prosecution and a potential prison sentence if he does not comply.

This documentary follows Clwyd's battle, with Michelle's support, to keep his horses.

It explores the events in his past that have led this one-time award-winning horse breeder and family man to isolate himself and live rough in squalid conditions with only horses and pigeons for company, and asks questions of a society that can sometimes appear to put the needs of animals above those of humans.

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Pensioner Clwyd Davies has accumulated 52 untamed horses, which he keeps at his home in Wrexham's suburbs