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Join The Hoobs on their mission to find out more about the world we live in. An exciting, fun-filled journey for 3-5 year olds.

About the Show

Join The Hoobs on their mission to find out more about the world we live in. An exciting, fun-filled journey for 3-5 year olds.

Series 1 Summary

The Hoobs travel the universe, investigating the different planets they visit. Each day, wherever they are, they find the answer to a question about the world they are currently visiting.

  • Episode 1

    The Hoobs are here to find out all about Peeps and Tiddlypeeps. Which makes them wonder how Tiddlypeeps find things out.

  • Episode 2

    The Hoobs would like to give a monkey something to make him happy - but what? It's only when they go back to their monkey book that it turns out the answer was in front of them all along!

  • Episode 3

    Groove thinks there can't be a better way of saying hello than giving his tail a good old wagga-wagga - it's almost as good as a Hoobledigger! But how do the Tiddlypeeps say hello to their friends?

  • Episode 4

    Nothing makes a Hoob laugh like a hoobledangler. And Tiddlypeeps laugh at all sorts of strange things but they don't find hoobledanglers funny at all. So what would make a Hoob and a Tiddlypeep laugh?

  • Episode 5

    Stars are just about Iver's favourite things - along with questions for Hoob News! When he wonders how he can get a star to hang in the Hoobmobile he gets to think about them both.

  • Episode 6

    Groove wants someone to keep him company while he's out collecting. Maybe an animal would be the best thing - but what kind?

  • Episode 7

    How can Tula get Groove and Iver's attention when they're playing Hooby Run N Yell? By finding something louder than their yelling - that's how!

  • Episode 8

    The Hoobs miss floating on the water in a Hooblebobber. There aren't any Hooblebobbers on the Peep planet, but maybe they can find something that floats in just the same way.

  • Episode 9

    There's a dog outside the Hoobmobile. But why does it keep barking? Maybe it wants a hoobledigger!

  • Episode 10

    Groove doesn't fancy the idea of running - too much effort! But what happens if the Hoobmobile goes off with out him - he'll have to catch it up somehow!

  • Episode 11

    Something's wrong with Iver - first he's hot, then he's cold and his nose is making a very strange sound indeed! Maybe the Tiddlypeeps will know the answer.

  • Episode 12

    The Hoobs are very impressed by how high frogs can jump. But how do they do it? Perhaps it's all those flies they've been eating!

  • Episode 13

    Iver's lost his hoobtoobe and can't find it anywhere. But every solution the Hoobs find seems to be about helping you not to lose it in the first place!

  • Episode 14

    There's nothing like a Hoobyhidey for hiding behind. The Peeps seem to have Hoobyhideys too. But they don't use them for hiding, so what do Peeps use Hoobyhideys for?

  • Episode 15

    Groove's tree has lost all its leaves. Will they ever grow back? And why did they fall off in the first place?

  • Episode 16

    The Hoobs have run out of Hoobygoop. What do the Peeps have that they can use instead? And more importantly - who makes it?

  • Episode 17

    The Hoobytug is broken. And you can't have a good pull with a broken Hoobytug. There must be something on the Peep planet the Hoobs can use to fix it - but what?

  • Episode 18

    A Hoob's home is the Hoobmobile. It's Hoobacious - you can live in it and take it around with you wherever you go. But what other animal has a home like that?

  • Episode 19

    From me to you - Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoob. From you to me - Hoo Hoo Hooby. But why do Tiddlypeeps give each other presents?

  • Episode 20

    Tula's having a bad Hoobyfur day. Hoobyfur is Hoobelly Groobelly but sometimes you just want it to do something else. What can Tula do to make hers more exciting?

  • Episode 21

    Nothing makes a Hoob's Hoobypaws feel as Hoobacious as the clapping in a Hoobledoop Whoop. But do Tiddlypeeps clap their hands in the same way?

  • Episode 22

    What can Tula wear to smell nice for a Tiddlypeep party? Cheese of course! Or something that smells of cheese! Or maybe not.

  • Episode 23

    These Peep things called combs are perfect for keeping Hoobycookies in. But is that what the Peeps use them for?

  • Episode 24

    There's nothing better than a good Hooblegaze. But it gets a bit chilly here on the Peep planet. So how can the Hoobs keep warm while they're Hooblegazing?

  • Episode 25

    There's nothing a Hoob hates more than getting wet. But there must be some reason why all this water keeps falling out of the sky!

  • Episode 26

    Groove's collection of things that move is Hoobygroovy! He's got things that shake, things that shudder and things that spin.

  • Episode 27

    What do you do when you've ruined Groove's best ever painting of an icecreamasaurus? And how do you stop him finding out?

  • Episode 28

    The Peep planet is absolutely covered in sand! Sand on the beach, sand in the desert, sand everywhere! But what's it for?

  • Episode 29

    Something's keeping the Hoobs awake and if a Hoob can't sleep a Hoob can't answer questions like 'What's all that hooting at night?'

  • Episode 30

    If a Hoob can't find their Hoobarama then a Hoob can't play Hoobarama! Is there anything soft, round and flat on the Peep planet that they can use instead?

  • Episode 31

    Everyone knows that Hoobs hate getting wet - but what if they didn't?

  • Episode 32

    There seem to be hoobloads of things on the Peep planet that open with keys. But what if you've got a key and you don't know what it opens?

  • Episode 33

    There are some things you just have to wait for - like Hooboblubbers. But until your Hooboblubbers have set, what do you do while you're waiting?

  • Episode 34

    Groove has had a spillage. There's a big puddle of Hoobjuice on the floor of the Hoobmobile. So how can the Hoobs keep their hoobypaws dry?

  • Episode 35

    A fly is small enough to fly inside the Hoobmobile. But Groove can't keep a fly in his collection! What can he have instead?

  • Episode 36

    The best time to twizzle your twizzletuft is at Hooby twizzletuft time - of course! But when's the best time to visit the Tiddlypeeps?

  • Episode 37

    Iver can't sleep. And if Iver can't sleep there's no chance of Tula and Groove getting to sleep either! So how can they help him to drop off?

  • Episode 38

    Groove's got a beautiful potato plant. Just one problem - it doesn't seem to have any potatoes on it!

  • Episode 39

    Something's eating the Hoobmobile - a mouse! What can the Hoobs give it to eat instead before their home gets gobbled up completely!?!

  • Episode 40

    Teeth are usually found in mouths - not in old bits of boat! But where has this tooth stuck in a bit of wood that Groove's found come from? And what are teeth for anyway?

  • Episode 41

    Hoobs love Tiddlypeeps. It'd be great to have one with them in the Hoobmobile. But Tiddlypeeps live with their mums and dads so what can the Hoobs have to remind them of the Tiddlypeeps instead?

  • Episode 42

    Groove is Tula's friend - she knows that's true. But he's done something to annoy her and now she's angry. Tula doesn't want to get angry with her friend - so what can she do instead?

  • Episode 43

    Groove needs a holiday. The Hoobs can't all come with him - but what kind of holiday would suit Groove on his own?

  • Episode 44

    Tula thinks boy and girl Tiddlypeeps like different things. But Groove's not sure. How can they work out who's right?

  • Episode 45

    Iver wants a dancing feather for his Hoobmobile. That'd be a Hoobacious thing to have in the Hoobmobile! But how do you make a feather dance when the wind's outside?

  • Episode 46

    Groove has trouble mending the Hoobasteps. But the things he needs to mend them with are out of reach on the top shelf. If only he was a little bit bigger.

  • Episode 47

    Hoobs never throw anything away, so what do they do with things they don't need any more?

  • Episode 48

    Groove finds a painted egg, but what can it be for? And what do Peeps do with eggs anyway?

  • Episode 49

    The Hoobs are here to look at the Peep planet, but if they could fly in the sky like a bird then they could get the best look at the Peep planet ever

  • Episode 50

    If the Hoobs are nowhere near the sea, how can Groove have been dancing underwater with a mermaid?

  • Episode 51

    Auntie Hattie Hoob's sent Tula a box of black, sticky spots. Hoobelly Groobelly! But what are they for?

  • Episode 52

    The Hoobs get everything they need from the Hoobnet. But what if it doesn't have what they need?

  • Episode 53

    Groove can't find the Hoobysandwich-hammer. Maybe he can borrow something else from the Tiddlypeeps to make his sandwiches flat. But what does it mean to borrow?

  • Episode 54

    The Hoobs have been invited to a Tiddlypeeps' fancy dress party. But what are they going to wear?

  • Episode 55

    Tiddlypeeps cry sometimes and Squiddlytiddlypeeps seem to cry all the time! So what's all this crying for?

  • Episode 56

    Groove's always wandering off collecting. The Hoobs need some way of knowing where he is. A bell might be the answer...

  • Episode 57

    The Hoobynut in the roof garden is finally ripe and ready to eat. The Hoobs would usually share it out equally but do Peeps have other ways of sharing?

  • Episode 58

    Lots of things go up and lots of things go down. But is there anything that goes up and down at the same time?

  • Episode 59

    Hoobs have been dancing the Hoobyjiggle since Hooby time began. But is there a Peep dance that fits to the Hoobyjiggle music?

  • Episode 60

    How will the Hoobs ever get Groove clean - especially as he enjoys being so dirty?

  • Episode 61

    Groove's ruined Tula's fruit display. To make it up to her he's going to have to find the biggest, juiciest Peep fruit there is! But what is it?

  • Episode 62

    There's a really good view of some beautiful trees from the roof garden of the Hoobmobile. But where could you live so you'd see above the trees?

  • Episode 63

    The Hoobs love cows - there's no argument about that! But what's a Hoob's absolute most favourite thing about a cow?

  • Episode 64

    If Groove's got to sing and dance in front of an audience it's no wonder he's feeling a little bit shy. How can Iver and Tula help him feel better?

  • Episode 65

    There must be a way that the Hoobs can learn to play their favourite Tiddlypeep music. They just need to work out what all the instruments are. But how?

  • Episode 66

    A job at the circus would be Hoobacious for Iver! But how do the Hoobs decide which one he'd like best?

  • Episode 67

    Tula's picture is certainly Hoobelly groobelly. But is it a vase of flowers, an octopus or a picture of Auntie Hattie? It all depends on which angle you look at it from!

  • Episode 68

    There's nothing like hooping your Hooby friends on Hooblefrooglefruit day.

  • Episode 69

    Tula makes a particularly Hoobablicious Hoob cake. But she's always making them - it's Iver's turn!

  • Episode 70

    The Peep sea is hoobaciously huge - so if a Hoob was going to cross it, he'd want to do it fast. But what would be the best way to go?

  • Episode 71

    Hoobofizz is Hoobalicious, that's for sure. But it's not quite the same if it's frozen solid! Will the Hoobs ever be able to drink their Hoobofizz?

  • Episode 72

    Hoobypuffs have to be eaten quickly - otherwise they go soggy. And a soggy Hoobypuff is no good at all! So how can Tula keep her Hoobypuffs fresh?

  • Episode 73

    If the sun gets up later then the Hoobs get up later. Which means there's less time to answer their Hoob News question! How can a Hoob wake up before the sun?

  • Episode 74

    What do Hoobs need to take with them when they go out exploring? And once they've got it all gathered - where are they going to put it?!

  • Episode 75

    If you're away from Hoobland and not getting your regular Hooby exercise, you'll need to do some Peep exercise instead. What kind of Peep exercise would suit a Hoob?

  • Episode 76

    Iver's seen a Tiddlypeep in one place and then turned around and seen the same Tiddlypeep somewhere else! But how can a Tiddlypeep be in two places at the same time?

  • Episode 77

    Iver, Groove and Tula all know what each other's faces look like! What they need is a way to make them look different! But how?

  • Episode 78

    The Peep sun is as hot as can be today! So hot that it's hard for the Hoobs to do anything as difficult as answering a question, which has the answer to keep them cool!

  • Episode 79

    Groove's built something in the night - but he was too tired to decorate it. Now he's fallen asleep so perhaps Iver and Tula should finish it for him.

  • Episode 80

    It's Hooby sort-out day. The day when collecting Hoobs get all their collections out and have a good look at them. All those interesting collections make a mess!

  • Episode 81

    Tula's made friendship tuftlets for everyone. Everyone except Hubba Hubba! Is Hubba Hubba her friend? And how do you know if someone's your friend anyway?

  • Episode 82

    When the Hooby computer breaks down, Hubba Hubba has to use the Hoobophone to get a message through to the Hoobs.

  • Episode 83

    Tula's not sure she likes her name anymore. Maybe she could have a Peep name instead.

  • Episode 84

    Hoobs don't wear trousers but that doesn't mean a nice belt wouldn't look good! But if Hoobs are going to wear belts then they'd better make up their minds what colour they want.

  • Episode 85

    If Tula's Humpty Dumpty is going to sit on his wall then he's going to need stuffing! But what with?

  • Episode 86

    There are a lot of things that go to make up a good story. So if Tula's story is going to be good she'd better find out what they are!

  • Episode 87

    Iver's made friends with a little bird which comes to visit him on the roof garden every day. Well, until now. Where's Iver's bird gone? And will he ever come back?!

  • Episode 88

    When you're squeezing Hoobocactospiker juice from a Hoobocactospiker leaf you have to be careful not to get spiked! But how?

  • Episode 89

    Hoobycookies taste Hoobelly Groobelly - there's no argument about that. But could they taste even more Hoobelly Groobelly?

  • Episode 90

    Groove's got some medals in his round and shiny collection. The Hoobs know that they need to be brave to earn them. But how can a Hoob feel brave?

  • Episode 91

    If a Hoob wants to hide from Hubba Hubba surely there are Hoobloads of hiding places to choose from?

  • Episode 92

    The Hoobs would all really like something to remind them of the seaside. A shell is a Hoobacious idea!

  • Episode 93

    Tula doesn't like the sound of thunder - it's scary! But there must be a better way to stop herself being scared... Iver and Groove just hope there's a way to stop her shouting!

  • Episode 94

    Groove's got something to start a new collection with - his 'Round and Spiky' collection!

  • Episode 95

    If you're going to give your friend a gift, you can't give them a gift with a nasty purple stain! But how can a Hoob make that nasty stain disappear?

  • Episode 96

    Iver's good at getting things done quickly. But what if a job needs to be done slowly? Well, then Iver has to be slowed down!

  • Episode 97

    Never leave Groove in charge of three Tiddlypeeps buns - or they'll be gone when you get back!!

  • Episode 98

    Why is it, when you have Hoobloads of CDs, you can't find the one you want to play?! Maybe Groove needs to find a way of storing them!

  • Episode 99

    Some days you just don't want to get out of your Hoobypod, and, for Groove, this is one of those days.

  • Episode 100

    Groove has borrowed Tula's Hoobypins, but they've spilled out of their box and need picking up. How do you pick up sharp Hoobypins?

  • Episode 101

    Groove is trying to start a collection of 'things that are all exactly the same'. Bananas seem ideal, all being yellow and bendy... or are they?

  • Episode 102

    Iver and Tula have found their old toys from when they were Hooblets - and those Hoob toys are making them go aaaaah...

  • Episode 103

    A collection of 'things that you find outside the Hoobmobile, but only at night' - that's a great idea!

  • Episode 104

    Groove likes collecting. And Tula likes making things. But what does Iver like? Er... well... he doesn't really know!

  • Episode 105

    A Hoobygroovy toy dinosaur would be a great addition to any of Groove's collections! But that's just the problem! Which one should it go in?

  • Episode 106

    Tula's having a ten day - that means ten of everything! But if the question is 'what goes pop?' then they're going to have to find ten answers too!

  • Episode 107

    Tula is going to be a Hoobelly-groobelly gymnast, but first she has to practice. The thing is, it seems that practicing involves a lot of falling over!

  • Episode 108

    The Hoobs want to tell Hubba Hubba just how marvellous they think he is. But none of the words they know are really good enough to describe just how marvellous that is!

  • Episode 109

    Roma is coming to visit the other Hoobs in the Hoobmobile. They want to make her stay as special as possible, but entertaining Roma isn't as easy as it sounds!

  • Episode 110

    Groove doesn't mind too much when Tiddlypeeps go boo and make him jump. Not as long as he gets to make them jump too!

  • Episode 111

    The Hoobypads in the pond have burst into flower! But what's that coming up from underneath those Hoobypads? Bubbles! Where have they come from?

  • Episode 112

    Groove's been busy inventing the Bouncy Hoobybouncer - with extra bounce! Except it doesn't bounce. But it's made out of rubber, so it should!

  • Episode 113

    The biggest Hoobynut loaf ever made contained 230 Hoobynuts. Tula is determined to beat this record - but she needs 231 Hoobynuts!

  • Episode 114

    Hubba Hubba reads the Hoobs a Peep fairy tale. Tula's dressing up as the princess, Iver as the wicked goblin and Groove as the prince.

  • Episode 115

    Every time the Hoobs play Blind Hoob's Buff, Iver and Groove win. Tula can't understand why she's so unlucky. What she needs is something to make her luckier! But what?

  • Episode 116

    Peep hats make Hoobelly Groobelly flowerpots! So Hoobelly Groobelly in fact that it's hard to believe that Peeps wear them on their heads! Why would anyone do a thing like that?

  • Episode 117

    Groove has decided that there aren't many more Hoobygroovy things on the Peep planet than a camel!

  • Episode 118

    Iver heard a voice talking to him on the roof garden, but there's no-one else there! Groove and Tula think he must have been talking to himself, but Iver says not.

  • Episode 119

    The most important day in a Hoob's year is their Hoobytwizzletuft day - the day when they first get their twizzletuft clipped!

  • Episode 120

    Iver's been running up and down the stairs collecting the Hooboberry harvest! Now his chest's going ba-boom, ba-boom!

  • Episode 121

    The Hoobmobile wouldn't be much of a Hoobmobile without its wheels! Which makes Iver wonder what other useful wheels they have.

  • Episode 122

    Tula is overjoyed - something amazing has happened to the heebleleaf tree - it's produced fruit!

  • Episode 123

    The Hoobs have a Hoobacious blanket - just the thing when you're having a picnic on the roof garden. But Groove's been playing with it and now it's just a lot of fluffy string!

  • Episode 124

    Tula's been invited on a trip with some Tiddlypeeps! and she can bring a friend - but only one. Who should it be?

  • Episode 125

    Groove's a bit miffed that the others won't let him eat some snow! So what can a Hoob do with snow?

  • Episode 126

    Groove and Tula are having a Hooblebumper breakfast, but Iver won't join them, he's too busy redecorating the cab.

  • Episode 127

    One! Two! Give us a Hoobyclue! This is one of the Hoobs' favourite games and it helps them to unravel the mystery about the nuts that Groove found in a hole.

  • Episode 128

    Tula has hurt her paw while out in the garden. What could have caused it and how can they make it better?

  • Episode 129

    The Hoobs are in a spin, what goes round and round without stopping? Why doesn't Groove have a collection of these things?

  • Episode 130

    Roma is coming to visit. Iver, Tula and Groove are excited and set about bringing the fair to the Hoobmobile to entertain her. How will they do it?

  • Episode 131

    Tula has made Groove a pocket with her Hoobystitcherupper, making Groove the first Hoob in the Universe to own a pocket. But what will he put in it?

  • Episode 132

    The Hoobs are amazed to discover that Tiddlypeeps have a hole in their tummies. They speculate on all sorts of possible uses for it.

  • Episode 133

    Groove has a collection of different shaped things that he doesn't know what to do with. Iver wants to throw them away, but Groove finds the perfect use for them all.

  • Episode 134

    Groove is on the hunt for a flat, round, shiny and noisy thing for his new collection. He finally finds a very curious object that fits the bill...

  • Episode 135

    The Tiddlypeeps have sent Tula a beautiful bunch of flowers. She wants to give them to Hubba Hubba when she returns to Hoobland but she doesn't know when that will be.

  • Episode 136

    Groove claims to be the Egg and Spoon Champion of the Universe, since neither Iver nor Tula can beat him. But how can this be true when he never wins races?

  • Episode 137

    Groove wishes he could play with his toys 'Waggle' and 'Woof' all day instead of helping with Hoob News.

  • Episode 138

    What is a coin doing inside a pig in Groove's collection of pigs from the peep Planet and what should the Hoobs do with it?

  • Episode 139

    Tula is making Iver and Groove a reward. You can get rewards for all sorts of reasons. But what's the best reason of all?

  • Episode 140

    Groove is in a terrible mood. Tula and Iver are planning a surprise for him, but it seems the more they try to cheer him up the worse he becomes.

  • Episode 141

    Iver comes across the Man in the Moon rhyme. The Hoobs then find out more about the moon than they bargained for!

  • Episode 142

    The thing about a Hoobnip crispy is that it must be eaten as soon as it comes out of the Hoobfridge otherwise it turns into a Hoobnip soggy.

  • Episode 143

    Tula is making Jack and the Beanstalk costumes. Iver is delighted that he will be the giant. But how? The Tiddlypeeps help.

  • Episode 144

    The Hoobs have no idea what to do with the annoying drip that is spoiling Tula's painting. Where is the drip coming from?

  • Episode 145

    Groove is very worried about his treasure chest. He's heard that pirates are known to steal treasure. Perhaps the Tiddlypeeps will know how Groove can keep his treasure safe.

  • Episode 146

    Groove has found a Hoobamaflip in his Cluttercupboard, but for some reason it won't work.

  • Episode 147

    It's Shoobedyshiny Day in Hoobland and Hoobs all over the Universe celebrate by wearing their Shoop-shoop and doing the Shoop-shoop dance

  • Episode 148

    Groove is going through his collection of beautiful things but something is wrong - a dusty old metal thing is in there.

  • Episode 149

    The Hoobysandwichhammer is making a funny sound. Groove wants it for his collection of things that sound funny.

  • Episode 150

    The Hoobs want to put a picture on the wall of the Hoobmobile, but what sort of picture would look best? How will they find it?

  • Episode 151

    Iver has hurt his arm playing Hooby Whack and Grab. While the others continue to play, he starts to make a very strange noise.

  • Episode 152

    There's something wrong with Groove's tortoise - in fact, it looks like only his shell is left! What's happened? Where has he gone? The Hoobs investigate.

  • Episode 153

    Every time Groove sneezes he makes everyone jump! There must be a reason why he keeps going achoo - but it's not as obvious as it might seem!

  • Episode 154

    Groove is talking to someone in the Hoobmobile. But if it's not Iver, Tula, Roma, Hubba Hubba or the Tiddlypeeps then who can it be?

  • Episode 155

    Iver has organised a 'Big Day Out' - the Hoobs are off on a trip outdoors until it starts to rain. Never mind, he can just turn the day into a 'Big Day In'.

  • Episode 156

    Roma is going to avoid rush hour in the future as she's tired of being stuck in traffic with commuters trying to get to work.

  • Episode 157

    Tula started first, then Groove, then Iver and finally Hubba Hubba. Why are all the Hoobs yawning? How can they stop?

  • Episode 158

    There's a really 'whiffy' smell on the roof garden. The Hooby Sprouter has grown a Shoobage and there is only one thing to do: eat it. But how?

  • Episode 159

    How can Iver relax? He has got the roof garden to clean, Hoobybuns to make and a deckchair to mend before Roma arrives at the Hoobmobile.

  • Episode 160

    The Tiddlypeeps are playing a mystery message game with Iver. What are they trying to say to him? The Hoobs discover the various ways you can convey a message.

  • Episode 161

    The bouncing bloomer plant is about to flower on the roof garden! While Iver chases the bloomers, Groove plans on eating all the sweets sent from the Tiddlypeeps.

  • Episode 162

    A grotto, a throne, a dress, a wand, a crown and a chain? What kind of chain does Tula need to be a Fairy Queen?

  • Episode 163

    Hic! Hic! It's Hooby Soup Slurp day and Tula's got the Hoobyhics. How will she be able to slurp her soup through her soup-slurping straw when she has the Hoobyhics?

  • Episode 164

    It's not a good day for Tula. It began with her knocking over the Hoobycotton blossom plant and then she did it again! Why is she being so clumsy?

  • Episode 165

    Hurry Up Groove! Groove is trying to pack his collecting bag for a visit to the forest, but it's turning out to be a very slow process.

  • Episode 166

    Tula wants to write a poem. Will she ever be able to find a word that rhymes with 'Hoobacious'? Perhaps she will, if she finds the perfect place for poetry writing.

  • Episode 167

    Roma has been asked to look after a Squigglytiddlypeep whilst its mum and dad are out. But what will Roma have to do, or rather what do mums and dads do?

  • Episode 168

    Meet Groove's new pet worm 'Erf'. Groove wishes he could live underground like Erf, but he knows he can't. Surely there must be some way in which he can have fun underground?

  • Episode 169

    Tula is outside in the cold painting a picture of some penguins. What she needs is a nice warm cup of Hoobjuice to warm her up.

  • Episode 170

    'Hoobybother and Hoobyblow!' cries Groove. He is furious because Tula has accidentally knocked over his tray of Hooboblubbers. He's so angry that he runs off to tell Iver.

  • Episode 171

    Not only is 'Brainbox Iver' full of bright ideas, but he's boasting about them. Why is Iver showing off?

  • Episode 172

    The Tiddlypeeps have taught Roma a riddle game and she sets Iver, Tula and Groove the task of working one out.

  • Episode 173

    Mysterious marks have appeared in the grass outside the Hoobmobile

  • Episode 174

    Iver, Tula and Groove decide that having a peep job would be a good idea, but only if they can work together. What job will suit Iver, Tula, Groove and Roma?

  • Episode 175

    Tula is going on a Victorian Day with some Tiddlypeeps at their school.

  • Episode 176

    What has Groove got in his box? The only clue Tula and Iver have is that it's a creepy crawly.

  • Episode 177

    There's a little bird living in the Heebeleaf tree on the Hoobyroof garden and he's singing the most Hoobelly groobelly song that Tula has ever heard

  • Episode 178

    The Tiddlypeeps are making a playhouse and it's going to be Hoobloads of fun. The Hoobs want one too, but how can they make one together?

  • Episode 179

    The figs on the roof garden are ripe for picking, and figs make the Hoobs' favourite drink, Hoobyfig Froth. However, some pesky flies keep them from getting to the fruit.

  • Episode 180

    There's going to be a party on the Hoobyroof garden, with Hoobybuns and Hoobofizz, but Tula is bored! How can Iver and Groove cure Tula's boredom?

  • Episode 181

    Iver wants to start a Hoobs club. But all he can think to do in it are the things they always do! So how can the Hoobs make their club really special?

  • Episode 182

    Hubba Hubba is looking after Auntie Hattie's Hoobydudu egg. But what kind will it be when it hatches?

  • Episode 183

    Silver Hooby sticky-wickies and Groove's curly collection help to find out what life was like for Robin Hood and Maid Marion. But was the Sheriff of Nottingham really blue?!

  • Episode 184

    Iver's not sure about going whale-watching with some Tiddlypeeps. Whales are just too big and scary! But if they're so scary, why aren't the Tiddlypeeps afraid of them?

  • Episode 185

    Tula's delighted - a Hoobelly groobelly big yellow flower has grown among Iver's pansies

  • Episode 186

    Tula's in a flap. The flowers she is looking at from the Hoobmobile are blurred and fuzzy. Is there something wrong with her eyes!?

  • Episode 187

    Groove has been looking for sticks on the Hoobnet and ended up with a load of old bamboo. Tula and Iver aren't sure that it's as Hoobygroovy as he thinks!

  • Episode 188

    What's deep down inside the Peep Planet? And more importantly, how can you have a look without cutting it in half?

  • Episode 189

    Iver's got a card with a big heart on the front, and inside there's three kisses!

  • Episode 190

    Chips and lemonade. Mmmm - a Tiddlypeep tea! But oh! Why does that lemonade taste so terrible?

  • Episode 191

    Iver's fed up. He wishes he could be a robot - then he wouldn't have to do all the thinking or get his feelings hurt! But would that be any fun?

  • Episode 192

    What's a Hoob to do when they're marooned like Robinson Crusoe on a desert island? Find out how to escape, that's what!

  • Episode 193

    Iver is not convinced that the best place for his flashing bow tie is in one of Groove's collections. But Groove would still really like to get his paws on it.

  • Episode 194

    You can't make a Hoozelberry tart without Hoozelberries. What's happened to Groove's Hoozelberry bush?

  • Episode 195

    What's the bravest thing a Hoob could be? A knight? But how could a Hoob become a knight? Well, that's a good question for Hoob News!

  • Episode 196

    Groove is in love - with a cow! But the Hoobmobile can't stay parked by the cow's field all the time! There's too much travelling and finding things out to be done!

  • Episode 197

    Roma's latest postcard has given Iver the travel bug. Before he sets off, the Hoobs need to find out just what he should take with him.

  • Episode 198

    Iver loves reading his book snuggled up in his Hoobypod. But how can he do that without keeping everyone else awake?

  • Episode 199

    You need to be famous to get into Hoobledoop! magazine and only Groove and his collections are famous enough!

  • Episode 200

    It's Hoobybumperbox Day! That's when Hubba Hubba sends every Hoob in the Universe a challenge in a box.

  • Episode 201

    Everyone likes chocolate - and that includes Hoobs. But the trouble with chocolate is that it runs out!

  • Episode 202

    Iver is wondering what he'll need to take on an expedition with some Tiddlypeeps. But if he doesn't know where he's going, how's will he know what he should take?

  • Episode 203

    The Hoob News screen is broken. Iver's ready with his tool box to fix it, but what if he can't?

  • Episode 204

    There's one collection Groove doesn't have: a collection of things that make Groove special!

  • Episode 205

    Everyone seems to be able to do something clever with Groove's pack of cards. Everyone, that is, except Groove!

  • Episode 206

    Iver's fed up being Iver. 'Everything's always the same, day in, day out'. He wants a complete change. But will that really make him happy?

  • Episode 207

    Sherlock Groove is trying to solve the mystery of the marks on the table cloth. Who did it? And how? And when? Oh, and where were you at the time?

  • Episode 208

    Is it a whale? No. Maybe a wildebeest? No. Well, then just what is Tiddlypeep Tim's favourite, and slightly unusual, animal?

  • Episode 209

    Iver thinks elbows just get in the way. All he ever seems to do is knock his and get a horrid tingly feeling. They can't really be useful can they?

  • Episode 210

    The Hoobmobile has broken down and Iver just can't seem to sort it out. You'd think Groove would help - but all he can do is mess about with a bike!

  • Episode 211

    Iver's Tiddlypeep friend is getting ready for a party and all his relatives are about to arrive

  • Episode 212

    Some Tiddlypeeps have written a play for the Hoobs called Little Pink Riding Hoob. Hoobacious! But there's just one problem... how do you actually do a play?

  • Episode 213

    The Hoobs have been invited to a Tiddlypeep Sports Day. Groove's not so keen - he always comes last in races. But what sort of races do Tiddlypeeps run at Sports Days?

  • Episode 214

    It's green and it's sticky and he found it on the heebleleaf tree, but other than that Groove has no idea what it is

  • Episode 215

    Talullah the Tiger is sick and the Hoobs are determined to help. But how can they, when all they have are some hoobychews?

  • Episode 216

    Iver and Tula are determined to find a way to make Groove keep his promises. After all - they're the ones he keeps making them to!

  • Episode 217

    Iver's made friends with a wrinklypeep. But he seems to need a bit of cheering up! And just how do you cheer up a wrinklypeep anyway?

  • Episode 218

    Tula's Peep pot is the main attraction for her Peep Museum. But when Groove uses it to drink hoobjuice, they end up with a nasty stain on the wall!

  • Episode 219

    What's going on? Tula's seashells turn up in the Hoobofridge and Iver's buns are in the roof garden! Who's moving everything around?

  • Episode 220

    Tula's built something to show passing Hoobmobiles that the Hoobs are down here on the Peep Planet

  • Episode 221

    Iver is keeping fit, sprinting around the Hoobmobile. But is he the fastest thing on legs on the Peep Planet? And what's that got to do with a flying pig?

  • Episode 222

    Groove has found out about a game show and fancies his chances as a contestant! But wait a minute; what if Tula or Iver are better at the game?

  • Episode 223

    All hail, Iver, Emperor of high Hoobaciousness! Iver is going to be an Emperor and rule over all who dwell in his Hoobmobile. But will the power go to his majesty's head?

  • Episode 224

    Groove's jogging vest doesn't seem to fit him any more - and that means he can't go jogging

  • Episode 225

    Tula's Tiddlypeep friend Jake is sad. His friends have gone on an activity holiday and left him behind.

  • Episode 226

    An opera society is looking for new members and Tula's going to try out. But what will she need for her audition? Tula discovers that it's not just a good voice you need.

  • Episode 227

    Iver's trying to discover the Hoobs' star signs. Groove thinks the whole thing is just silly - no use at all. But what about other signs? Surely some of them must be useful?

  • Episode 228

    Iver's been invited to a Tiddlypeeps garden party and he wants to make sure he's got the right clothes. But what are the right clothes?

  • Episode 229

    Great news! The Hoobs' African friend Rijina is about to release Tambo, the baby elephant, back into the wild. But Tula is worried about him alone in the African bush.

  • Episode 230

    Tula's terribly worried and she's called Roma to the Hoobmobile. Iver and Groove have gone missing.

  • Episode 231

    The Motorettes are wheezing and puffing - and the Hoobmobile's going nowhere. It's overloaded! At least one of Groove's collections has got to go! But which one?

  • Episode 232

    Whoops! Groove's eaten all the Hoobnip tart and Tula's finally fed up with doing all the cooking in the Hoobmobile. What she needs is a visit to a restaurant.

  • Episode 233

    What can the Hoobs take back to Hoobland to remind them of Peep gardens? Iver thinks pansies are the answer but Tula would like something just a little more dramatic...

  • Episode 234

    It travels at speed with blue flashing lights and goes Whooooo! Whoooooo! Whooooo! Iver wants to get a ride in a police car.

  • Episode 235

    An animal on the Peep Planet that looks just like Groove? Is there such a thing? And even if there is, how on earth could it be useful to a Hoob?

  • Episode 236

    Breaking records is no easy task, especially if you have to do it before Hoob News! Will the Hoobs manage it? It might take a little less effort than they think...

  • Episode 237

    Surely one great big Hoobmobile is big enough for three Hoobs? Well, not according to Iver. But how do you divide up a Hoobmobile?

  • Episode 238

    Iver's whinging and whining and while he's doing that neither Tula nor Groove are going to listen to him. So what voice should he use to get their attention?

  • Episode 239

    Iver, Groove and Tula don't need to bother with Hoob News today; Hubba Hubba has given them the day off

  • Episode 240

    Groove's lemon is too sour to eat by itself. But it would be lovely with some sugar on a delicious pancake. And making pancakes is easy!

  • Episode 241

    When you've been invited to a fancy dress party, what could be cooler than a caveman costume? Well, almost anything, according to Groove.

  • Episode 242

    Groove needs cheering up. Maybe having a tail would help! He thinks that's a ridiculous idea but Tula and Iver are determined to put a smile on his face.

  • Episode 243

    Tula's cleaned the windows of the Hoobmobile - look how beautiful they are! But Iver disagrees - interesting as glass is, you can't really say it's beautiful.

  • Episode 244

    With a pile of bricks and a big book of building, Tula should be able to construct whatever she likes. But not if everything is buried under a huge pile of sand!

  • Episode 245

    'Who's the King of the Sea?' asks the quiz in Iver's comic. The answer might seem obvious at first - but who'd have thought it had anything to do with lunch?

  • Episode 246

    Episode 246

    Groove's Tiddlypeep friends have gone shopping with their mum. Maybe the Hoobs could have their very own shop! But the retail trade turns out to be a little tricky.

  • Episode 247

    Where's Hubba Hubba? He isn't responding to any of the questions the Hoobs have thought of this morning. Maybe a big bonk on the roof will hold the answer!

  • Episode 248

    Iver's grumbling - he's always the one who has to take care of the Motorettes. But not today - Groove and Tula are taking charge.

  • Episode 249

    The Hoobs have been invited to enter an art competition for which they have to make an amazing animal

  • Episode 250

    There's some surprising news from Hubba Hubba. The Hoobs are going back to Hoobland. So what should you do before leaving a place you love?