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Psychotherapist Stelios Kiosses and a team of expert de-clutterers come to the aid of extreme hoarders in a bid to change their lives and homes

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Psychotherapist Stelios Kiosses and a team of expert de-clutterers come to the aid of extreme hoarders in a bid to change their lives and homes

Series 3 Summary

A brand new series of the show that helps hoarders de-clutter their homes and turn around their lives. Psychotherapist Stelios Kiosses works to uncover the psychological reasons behind the hoard, and straight-talking professional de-clutterers Zoe and Allyson work to clear out the clutter.

  • The Hoarder Next Door

    Episode 1 - Michelle and Carl

    In Kent, Michelle and her husband Andrew live with an unusual collection. Their back garden is home to 31 rabbits as well as several dogs, guinea pigs and chickens. Much to the frustration of her husband, Michelle can't resist bringing home rescue animals.

    But it's not just Michelle's furry friends that Andrew has to contend with - the inside of their home is also rammed full of clutter and there is so little room to move that Michelle and Andrew have resorted to eating on their bed. Michelle's hoarding is not only affecting their marriage, it's also breaking the bank. In a last bid to save her home and her marriage, Michelle has called for psychotherapist Stelios Kiosses' help.

    This programme also features Carl and Gemma. Carl's collection of Buddhist statues and Gemma's love of Sponge Bob Square Pants are threatening to overwhelm their home.

  • The Hoarder Next Door

    Episode 2 - Alex and Lawrence

    Professional declutterers Alison and Zoe and therapist Stelios Kiosses help Alex from Leeds address his memorabilia mountain.

    Alex is one of Britain's biggest hoarders. What started 30 years ago as an interest in collecting antiques and memorabilia, has progressed into an unhealthy obsession as his hoarding has overwhelmed the garage, study, barn, shipping containers, car and even the family farm.

    The show also meets Lawrence and his collection of bird figurines.

  • The Hoarder Next Door

    Episode 3 - Margaret and Claire

    In Lancashire, hospital administrator Margaret is a devoted mother and grandmother. But, behind closed doors, she's living in chaos, with her house overflowing with clutter.

    Margaret's hoarding is damaging her health. Unable to throw anything away, her kitchen is packed with out-of-date food, which she eats on a regular basis. Can psychotherapist Stelios Kiosses help?

    Professional declutterers Zoe and Allyson meet 39-year-old 'Disney Claire' from Essex, who has spent tens of thousands of pounds gathering together nearly 30,000 Disney figures that occupy every corner of her home.

  • The Hoarder Next Door

    Episode 4 - David and Paul

    In Bury St Edmunds, David's passion for music and buying records has spiralled into a compulsion to hoard anything that takes his fancy. A regular on the car boot circuit, in his endless hunt for a bargain David has filled every inch of living space in his bungalow.

    And professional declutterers Allyson and Zoe meet Paul in Essex, the proud owner of Britain's largest milk bottle hoard, with a collection that stands at 30,000 and counting.

  • The Hoarder Next Door

    Episode 5 - Graham and Theodora

    In Milton Keynes, retired divorcee Graham loves a bargain. So much so that every room in his home is overflowing with clutter.

    Graham's daughters have asked psychotherapist Stelios Kiosses for help.

    However, Graham is reluctant to address the reasons behind his compulsion to hoard and proves a real challenge for Stelios.

    In rural Lincolnshire, the picturesque town of Uppingham is home to Theodora. Every room of Theodora's three bedroom cottage is consumed by clutter.

    Desperate to get her life back on track, Theodora has asked for Stelios' input.

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    Episode 6 - Doreen and Alison

    In Bexley, every inch of 76-year-old Doreen's three-bedroom home is overflowing with stuff. Doreen is so ashamed of the situation, she hasn't let friends or family inside for over 14 years.

    While psychotherapist Stelios Kiosses tries to help Doreen change her ways, he also catches up with two former patients. There's Alison, who had a compulsion to buy anything and everything ladybird related.

    And then there's Tina, who used to hoard her late parents' things.

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Psychotherapist Stelios Kiosses and a team of expert de-clutterers come to the aid of extreme hoarders in a bid to change their lives and homes

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