The Hoarder Next Door

    • Episode 1 - Michelle and Carl

      Psychotherapist Stelios Kiosses and de-clutterers Zoe and Allyson help hoarders clear the clutter. This week they visit Michelle and Andrew's animal rescue home in Kent and Carl and Gemma.

    • Episode 2 - Alex and Lawrence

      Professional declutterers Alison and Zoe and therapist Stelios Kiosses help Alex address his memorabilia mountain

    • Episode 3 - Margaret and Claire

      Can therapist Stelios Kiosses help Margaret, a devoted mum, who is living in chaos? And the show meets 'Disney Claire' whose collection of 30,000 Disney figures are overrunning her home.

    • Episode 4 - David and Paul

      In Bury St Edmunds, David's passion for music and buying records has spiralled into a compulsion to hoard anything that takes his fancy. And de-clutterers Allyson and Zoe meet Paul in Essex.

    • Episode 5 - Graham and Theodora

      In Milton Keynes, divorcee Graham's love of a bargain means that his home is overflowing with clutter. The same is true for Theodora in rural Lincolnshire. Can therapist Stelios help?

    • Episode 6 - Doreen and Alison

      In Bexley, every inch of Doreen's three-bedroom home is overflowing with stuff. Doreen is so ashamed of the situation, she hasn't let friends or family inside for over 14 years.