The Greatest Shows on Earth

  • Episode 1 - Brazil

    Daisy Donovan gets to grips with some of the most popular television shows in the world. In Brazil, Daisy goes behind the scenes of Miss Bum Bum, and experiences Brazilian-style Crimewatch.

  • Episode 2 - India

    Daisy Donovan visits India to check out its TV, finding a country caught between modernisation and tradition, with on-screen martial arts, no-holds-barred talk shows, and lots of dancing

  • Episode 3 - Egypt and Abu Dhabi

    In Egypt and Abu Dhabi, Daisy is sucked into a dark prank show and then inspired by the most sublime talent show on earth. This programme was made before the recent troubles in Cairo

  • Episode 4 - South Korea

    Daisy goes behind the scenes of TV in South Korea. She meets an online TV star who cooks - and eats - for an audience of people who live alone.