The Great Train Robbery's Missing Mastermind?

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The Great Train Robbery's Missing Mastermind?

The Great Train Robbery of 8 August 1963 has passed into legend as the greatest heist of the 20th century. A gang of professional robbers made history when they held up a mail train, seizing a record-breaking haul of £2.6 million.

But for nearly 50 years, one key question has remained unanswered: who tipped off the robbers about the millions on board the train? Was there an inside man within the Post Office who masterminded the raid and helped the robbers plan the crime?

Robbers Bruce Reynolds, Ronnie Biggs and Buster Edwards became icons as they were tracked down one by one. But no insider was ever brought to trial.

Investigative author Andrew Cook has secured special access to previously closed files that expose a new angle on the robbery, presenting for the first time a chain of evidence that challenges the classic 'cops and robbers' view of the story.

Now, with the opening of these confidential files, which were sealed for nearly 50 years, this film reveals the pursuit of the man with the inside information - the man the Post Office suspected of triggering the raid - and the secret investigation dedicated to hunting him down.

The Great Train Robbery's Missing Mastermind? synopsis

Using previously confidential files, investigative author Andrew Cook exposes a new angle on The Great Train Robbery, searching for the inside man who tipped the robbers off

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