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Mark Rylance as David Kelly

Mark Rylance, the award-winning stage and screen actor and artistic director of the Globe Theatre, takes the role of Dr Kelly, the Government Inspector.

From the producers of Holy Cross and Channel 4's The Hamburg Cell, The Government Inspector is based on extensive original research and was written and directed by Bafta-winning Peter Kosminsky. David Kelly was one of the government's foremost experts on Weapons of Mass Destruction. The drama depicts Dr Kelly's time as a United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq in the 1990s and through the frenetic weeks and months in which the Blair government attempted to persuade a doubting nation of its case for war.

The drama charts David Kelly's own journey from behind-the-scenes expert to man exposed to a media onslaught as he himself became a weapon deployed by all sides in their respective battles for survival.

The Government Inspector synopsis

Drama telling the story of Dr David Kelly, an expert caught between the government and the BBC over the war in Iraq

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