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Drama starring Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick, a politician's wife who transforms herself into a career woman when a scandal surrounding her husband turns her life upside down

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Drama starring Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick, a politician's wife who transforms herself into a career woman when a scandal surrounding her husband turns her life upside down

Series 3 Summary

It's business as usual at Lockhart & Gardner even after Will and Alicia's night together. This season also features a guest appearance from Eddie Izzard, who plays upper-class English barrister Abbott Thrush, who is brought in to fight Lockhart & Gardner in a libel case that finds its way into British court.

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    Episode 1 - A New Day

    The Good Wife is back - and it's business as usual at Lockhart & Gardner even after Will and Alicia's night together.

    Alicia shows up at the office and learns she will be defending a Muslim college student accused of fighting with Jewish students at a rally on campus. What starts off as a simple case turns into something much bigger when their client Jamal is accused of murdering a Jewish classmate.

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    Episode 2 - The Death Zone

    Alicia has to get to grips with English Law when she defends a British businessman in a libel case that is relayed to a British court via satellite.

  • Alicia

    Episode 3 - Get a Room

    Eli and Diane clash over the best way to handle a dairy company's PR disaster. Elsewhere, Alicia and Will are up against Will's ex-girlfriend in court.

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    Episode 4 - Feeding the Rat

    Alicia takes on a pro bono case where the witness quickly becomes the prime suspect, but it's Lockhart & Gardner that may be in the most jeopardy, as Will and Diane consider their futures and the firm's direction.

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    Episode 5 - Marthas and Catilins

    Lockhart & Gardner's case against an aviation company takes a huge hit when their key witness commits suicide and his testimony is ruled inadmissible.

    The only other person with inside knowledge of the plane's design flaw is Colin Sweeney, a venture capitalist who Alicia defended on a murder charge two years ago and who's been in jail ever since. But his testimony comes with a price - his freedom.

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    Episode 6 - Affairs of State

    Alicia picks her way through diplomatic loopholes in order to defend a Taiwanese national.

    Eli is approached by his ex-wife Vanessa (Parker Posey), who needs him to vet her for a possible political campaign.

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    Episode 7 - Executive Order 13224

    Alicia worries that she will break confidentiality when the Treasury Department forces her to report on her latest client, a military contractor who claims that he was imprisoned and tortured by the army in Afghanistan.

    Meanwhile, Peter reluctantly digs into Will's past transgressions when he follows up on a 15-year-old case involving a client at Will's old firm.

  • Alicia

    Episode 8 - Death Row Tip

    Alicia wrestles with her conscience as she races to win a stay of execution for a vicious killer on death row who holds information that could prevent another client from being wrongly convicted of murder.

    Eli tries to deal with a potential scandal that could affect the career of a promising young politician, while master manipulator Kalinda may have met her match.

  • Alicia

    Episode 9 - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    Alicia and Will argue in front of a mercurial military judge when they defend a remote drone operator accused of murdering 12 civilians in Afghanistan and their only witness decides to testify for the prosecution.

    Eli's confidence is shaken when he faces an opponent who always seems to be one step ahead of him. Diane issues an ultimatum to protect the firm.

  • Michael J Fox

    Episode 10 - Parenting Made Easy

    Alicia mentors Caitlin through her first arbitration case, defending a college professor who claims she was laid off after rebuffing sexual advances from her boss, though testimony reveals another possible cause of her job loss.

    During the case, a personal crisis leads Alicia to wonder whether she's been prioritising her work and her relationship with Will above her family. Michael J Fox guest stars.

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    Episode 11 - What Went Wrong

    Lockhart & Gardner offers support to a police woman who is accused of shooting her husband for the insurance money.

    Alicia has a sudden realisation about her personal life, and Will finds out a shocking detail about Wendy's investigation.

  • Alicia

    Episode 12 - Alienation of Affection

    A couple whose divorce was overseen by Lockhart & Gardner have now reconciled and are suing, claiming that the firm deliberately split them up in order to make a commission on the liquidation of their company.

    As the partners squabble over who was at fault, it falls to Alicia to locate a crucial missing document that could get them all off the hook.

    Meanwhile, Will hires new representation to help him fight back when Wendy Scott-Carr's investigation heats up.

  • Alicia

    Episode 13 - Bitcoin for Dummies

    Alicia faces off against the US Treasury Department when she defends Dylan Stack, a lawyer who represents the creator of Bitcoin, an online currency with mysterious origins.

    Stack is being pressured to reveal the name of the anonymous Bitcoin creator so that the government can prosecute him for creating a currency that is in direct competition with the US dollar.

    However, when the judge rules that attorney/client privilege prevents Stack from having to reveal the name of his client, the Treasury Department changes tactics and decides to prosecute Stack himself.

  • Eli

    Episode 14 - Another Ham Sandwich

    A grand jury has been selected and it appears to be a foregone conclusion that Will Gardner will be indicted for bribing a judge.

    As the staff at Lockhart & Gardner prepare for the worst, Alicia is brought into the fold and learns for the first time how bad things have become.

    Eli's feud with David Lee continues when he discovers Caitlin's connection to his nemesis and decides to bury her under a mountain of clerical work.

    His battle with rival crisis manager Stacie Hall also takes an interesting turn when she admits to having romantic feelings for him.

  • Rita Wilson

    Episode 15 - Live from Damascus

    Lockhart & Gardner represents the families of three Americans who were detained and killed by the Syrian government during the uprising.

    They claim this happened because a technology company violated US law by knowingly selling software to Syria that enabled its government to track down its enemies.

    Staff at the firm are exuberant after the grand jury's decision not to indict Will, but the mood changes when it is revealed that Wendy Scott-Carr has tipped off the Chicago Bar Association about Will's prior indiscretions.

  • Peter

    Episode 16 - After the Fall

    Alicia defends a documentary film-maker who is accused of being responsible for the suicide of a college student while making a movie about people who kill themselves.

    During the case, she must square up to her old nemesis Nancy Crozier and ask Caitlin to win over the judge and jury once again.

    As Will serves out his suspension at home, the power vacuum at Lockhart & Gardner draws the attention of Eli, Julius and David Lee.

    Meanwhile, Peter finds that his decision to recruit people solely on their merits has cost him many of his political allies.

  • The Good Wife

    Episode 17 - Long Way Home

    After being released from prison, Lockhart & Gardner client Colin Sweeney attempts to convince the shareholders of his former company to vote him back in as CEO.

    At the last moment, however, a former employee accuses Sweeney of sexually harassing her and fathering her baby.

    Alicia has just 72 hours to prove that the allegations are false before Sweeney is forced out of his company for good.

    At the state's attorney's office, Cary is put in an awkward position when he is forced to investigate employee fraternisation on Peter's behalf.

  • The Good Wife: Louis Canning and Alicia Florrick

    Episode 18 - Gloves Come Off

    Lockhart & Gardner represents a client who suffered severe injuries and lost his wife when a snowmobile malfunctioned and struck a tree.

    However, Alicia and her legal team are opposed by the firm's nemesis, Louis Canning (guest star Michael J Fox), who never gives in without a fight.

    Unable to raise enough money to make a down payment on her old house, Alicia starts to take Canning's offers of a lucrative job much more seriously.

    Meanwhile, things heat up between Diane and process server Jack Copeland, and Will's old girlfriend Tammy returns to cover the trial.

  • The Good Wife: Harvey Winter

    Episode 19 - Blue Ribbon Panel

    Diane delegates one of her responsibilities - a seat on a blue ribbon panel investigating alleged police misconduct - to Alicia. The case involves a police officer who shot and killed a man on a subway platform.

    Alicia begins to suspect that the other members of the panel are unwilling to get to the bottom of what happened. As a result, she must tackle some of Chicago's most influential judges and politicians to uncover the truth.

    Meanwhile, Kalinda receives some unwanted attention from the tax man.

  • The Good Wife: Peter Florrick

    Episode 20 - Pants on Fire

    Alicia and Diane represent one of three girls convicted of a murder at a summer camp five years previously. Recently, a judge has overturned their sentence pending a new trial due to mishandling of DNA evidence.

    Fearing a wrongful conviction lawsuit, the state has offered the girls a plea bargain - they can go free, but only if they sign a statement admitting that they were guilty.

    While the girls weigh their options, Alicia and Kalinda work to try to prove their innocence before the window to accept the plea bargain runs out.

    Meanwhile, Mike Kresteva (guest star Matthew Perry) kicks off his candidacy for the governorship of Illinois by telling a lie about his dealings with Alicia that makes Peter look bad.

  • The Good Wife: Alicia

    Episode 21 - The Penalty Box

    Alicia and Diane are put in the strange position of representing a judge, Richard Cuesta, who has been accused of misconduct during a murder trial that he handled for the state as a prosecutor 20 years earlier.

    New DNA evidence has overturned the conviction, and Cuesta faces removal from the bench if he's found guilty. However, Alicia and Diane realise that his strict adherence to the truth could make him his own worst enemy.

    Meanwhile, a drug dealer blames Kalinda for the unwelcome attention he is getting from the FBI, new partner Howard Lyman grows increasingly erratic, and Cary Agos returns to the firm.

  • The Good Wife: Alicia

    Episode 22 - The Dream Team

    Will and Diane must rush to contain the situation when an angry Louis Canning (Michael J Fox) teams up with Patti Nyholm (Martha Plimpton) in a suit against the firm for fraud and malicious prosecution.

    Alicia feels confused about her role within the family when Peter moves back in to the old house on a temporary basis.

    Meanwhile, events from Kalinda's past come to light, threatening her new friendship with Alicia.

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Drama starring Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick, a politician's wife who transforms herself into a career woman when a scandal surrounding her husband turns her life upside down

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