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Drama starring Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick, a politician's wife who transforms herself into a career woman when a scandal surrounding her husband turns her life upside down

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Drama starring Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick, a politician's wife who transforms herself into a career woman when a scandal surrounding her husband turns her life upside down

Series 1 Summary

Alicia Florrick is a wife and mother whose life is turned upside down when her husband Peter is involved in a very public sex and political corruption scandal that lands him in prison. Pushing aside the betrayal and crushing public humiliation, Alicia accepts full responsibility for her family and goes back to work as a defence attorney.

Starting over isn't easy but gradually Alicia gains in confidence and transforms herself from a politician's scorned wife to resilient career woman.

  • Alicia on her first day at work in The Good Wife

    Episode 1 - Pilot

    Alicia goes back to work as a defence attorney at a prestigious and highly competitive Chicago law firm. She soon finds herself landed with a tricky retrial involving a woman accused of murdering her husband.

  • Alicia in court

    Episode 2 - Stripped

    Alicia represents a stripper who was raped at a stag party and may have previously been abused by her husband. Closer to home, she and her husband Peter discuss whether their children should be allowed to visit him in while he's in prison. And she finds incriminating pictures of him that the kids had hidden to save her from further pain.

  • Julianna Margulies as Alicia in The Good Wife

    Episode 3 - Home

    Alicia puts her pride and misgivings behind her and represents the son of a former friend who snubbed her as soon as news of the scandal broke out. The boy is accused of murder. Meanwhile, Alicia sees Peter but things turn sour when he takes a call from a prostitute while in her company.

  • Alicia argues in the street

    Episode 4 - Fixed

    Alicia finds evidence of possible wrongdoing on the jury's part in a case against a major pharmaceutical company. Meanwhile, Peter's legal team work on his appeal.

  • The Good Wife

    Episode 5 - Crash

    Alicia represents three widows of train engineers who have been accused by the company they worked for that they (and not the company) were responsible for their deaths in a train crash. Meanwhile, Jackie and Alicia fall out when Jackie takes the children to prison to visit Peter for his birthday without her consent.

  • Alicia in The Good Wife

    Episode 6 - Conjugal

    Alicia and Will work on the appeal of a death row inmate accused of killing a police officer. Alicia swallows her pride and visits Peter in prison for information on the death row inmate as Peter was the state attorney at the time of the client's conviction.

  • Alicia works on a case in The Good Wife

    Episode 7 - Unorthodox

    Alicia represents the daughter of one of the partners at her law firm. She finds herself attracted to a colleague she's working with on the case who has an unusual way of defending their client.

  • The Good Wife

    Episode 8 - Unprepared

    Alicia discovers the culprit in an arson case that she is working on. Later, Alicia is caught off guard when she's asked to testify on Peter's behalf.

  • Alicia and Peter kiss

    Episode 9 - Threesome

    Alicia represents a senior partner in the law firm when he is arrested. Elsewhere, Alicia begins to doubt Peter's innocence in his corruption case after hearing evidence to the contrary.

  • Alicia outside a court room

    Episode 10 - Lifeguard

    Alicia investigates a judge after he overturns a straightforward plea case. Diane is given an offer she can't refuse.

  • Alicia has a heart to heart in The Good Wife

    Episode 11 - Infamy

    The firm represent a widower whose wife killed herself after being wrongfully accused of murdering her child. Later, Alicia represents her husband's enemy in court.

  • Alicia visits Jackie in hospital in The Good Wife

    Episode 12 - Painkiller

    The star of the school football team dies after taking an overdose of painkillers and Alicia represents the doctor who prescribed the medication in court. Meanwhile, Peter's mother Jackie has a stroke.

  • Alicia in The Good Wife

    Episode 13 - Bad

    Alicia defends Colin Sweeney, a wealthy client who was cleared of killing his wife but is still largely thought of as her murderer. Colin is brought before the court in a civil case against his wife's daughter, who hopes to regain her mother's money and company. Peter considers Childs' offer.

  • Alicia in court

    Episode 14 - Hi

    Alicia helps with a murder case when a client, Sonya, discovers that her babysitter Lisa has been killed in her home and that Sonya's husband is the chief suspect. Meanwhile, Peter is released from prison and electronically tagged.

  • The Good Wife

    Episode 15 - Bang

    Alicia and the children adjust to having Peter back home. At work, Alicia teams up with Diane to help a client testify against her wealthy husband.

  • Alicia walking out of court

    Episode 16 - Fleas

    Alicia and Will represent a client who is accused of leaking a witness list to a drug lord who then went on to murder the star witness in a trial. Peter's new employee Eli Gold realises an unlikely source is posting information about the Florrick family on the internet.

  • Peter in The Good Wife

    Episode 17 - Heart

    Will and Alicia attend an emergency hearing in a hospital when a pregnant woman is told her insurance doesn't cover an in-utero operation that her unborn child needs. Can they help? Meanwhile, Peter tries to restore his reputation and Alicia and Will get closer.

  • The Good Wife

    Episode 18 - Doubt

    Working together proves difficult for Alicia and Will after their kiss but they are forced to put aside their feelings and represent a student who is accused of killing her housemate. Will their emotions get the better of them once they're out of court?

  • Alicia in church with her family in The Good Wife

    Episode 19 - Boom

    Alicia and Peter have a bust up after she discovers the real reasons he has been taking the family to church. Can she forgive her husband? In court, Alicia is fighting against a grieving widow who is claiming that her husband was killed by Alicia's client.

  • Alicia and Peter in The Good Wife

    Episode 20 - Mock

    Grace and Zach get Peter out of a tight scrape with the police. Alicia tries to help her building manager Simran but Simran gets in trouble with immigration and is threatened with deportation. Will Alicia find a solution so that Simran can stay in the country?

  • Alicia waits patiently to hear news in The Good Wife

    Episode 21 - Unplugged

    Alicia and David represent the wife of a rock star who wants to divorce her famous husband but things take a dramatic turn when the rock star husband has a motorbike accident and ends up in a coma. Will the divorce still go ahead?

    Meanwhile Alicia and Cary find out who has got the junior associate job at the firm.

  • Alicia in a police cell working in The Good Wife

    Episode 22 - Hybristophilia

    Alicia works on a manslaughter case involving a person who stalks criminals. Will the charges against Peter be dropped?

  • Peter in The Good Wife

    Episode 23 - Running

    Alicia works with an undercover cop whose colleagues have been conspiring with gang members to deal illegal weapons. Things take a tragic turn when he is killed two hours after testifying in court.

The Good Wife synopsis

Drama starring Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick, a politician's wife who transforms herself into a career woman when a scandal surrounding her husband turns her life upside down

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