The Goldbergs

    • Episode 11 - The Goldberg Girls

      Beverly seeks her children's advice on assembling a circle of friends for her later years. Geoff's romantic gestures begin to annoy Erica, and things go awry when she tries to reciprocate.

    • Episode 10 - We Didn't Start the Fire

      Erica tells Beverly she is spending the first night of Hanukkah with Geoff and his family, so Beverly starts a competition over who hosts the best Hanukkah party. Pops advises Barry on how to be cool.

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      Episode 9 - Parents Just Don't Understand

      Adam and Barry write a song but don't get the reaction they were expecting from Murray. Beverly keeps calling Erica at college but Erica wants some space from her mother and screens her phone calls.

      This episode is subtitled20 mins
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      Episode 8 - The Circle of Driving Again

      When Murray insists a reluctant Adam must have driving lessons, the family learn something new about Pops in the process. Barry visits Erica for the weekend and thrives on the college social scene.

      This episode is subtitled21 mins
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      Episode 7 - A Wall Street Thanksgiving

      Marvin reveals he has become a stockbroker and convinces Barry and his friends to invest money with him, forcing Murray to intervene. Beverly invites 50 people over for a Thanksgiving 'potluck' meal.

      This episode is subtitled21 mins
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      Episode 6 - Girl Talk

      Murray's furniture shop faces competition from a rival with an attention-grabbing advertising campaign. When Barry's attempts to court a girl at school end in failure, Beverly steps in with advice.

      This episode is subtitled21 mins
    • Episode 5 - Jackie Likes Star Trek

      Adam and Jackie fall out over which Halloween costumes to wear, so Murray teaches Adam his strategy for peaceful relationships. Barry plots to be reunited with Lainey when she visits Erica at college.

    • Episode 4 - Revenge O' the Nerds

      Beverly decides to reinvent herself by going to night school but Murray tries to convince her to take a different path. Erica struggles to balance her academic studies with her social life in college.

    • Episode 3 - Goldberg on the Goldbergs

      Beverly meddles in Coach Mellor's strained relationship with his brother Coach Nick, but when the two men face off in the gym, Adam and Barry join in. Geoff and Erica find long-distance romance tough.

    • Episode 2 - Hogan Is My Grandfather

      Adam must tackle a school project on the Second World War and decides to make a film featuring his grandfather. But Pops takes matters into his own hands when Adam finds all his war stories mundane.

    • Episode 1 - Weird Science

      Beverly and Murray help Erica move into her college dormitory, where her roommate is also named Erica, but Beverly has a hard time saying goodbye. Adam tries to find the perfect girlfriend for Barry.