The Genius of British Art

  • Episode 1 - Power and Personality

    David Starkey examines royal portraiture's influence on the iconic power of personality

  • Episode 2 - Art for the People

    Dr Gus Casely-Hayford shows how our sense of identity was changed forever by the most distinctively British artist this country has ever produced: William Hogarth

  • Episode 3 - Flesh

    Howard Jacobson celebrates the way British artists depict sex and desire, and argues that the most compelling expression is to be found, perhaps unexpectedly, in the art of the Victorians

  • Episode 4 - Visions of England

    Sir Roy Strong argues that English landscape art - far from being a succession of chocolate box cliches - affords an often shocking and subversive insight into the country's deepest fears

  • Episode 5 - Modern Times

    Janet Street-Porter demonstrates how modern art has been at the forefront of the social and cultural changes that define Britain today, from Patrick Heron and Francis Bacon to Damien Hirst

  • Episode 6 - The Art of War

    Former war reporter Jon Snow examines the legacy of Britain's war artists, from Paul Nash to Steve McQueen, examining how they have expressed and defined our response to the horror of war.